Worthington Glacier : Valdez, Alaska Part Four


When we were making our way down to Valdez we were stopped for quite a while for construction with a view of the Worthington Glacier. It is absolutely stunning. When we finally continued on our journey we noticed there was a park for it and with some additional research we decided it seemed like a great place for exploration. So, on our way out of town, later that weekend we decided to make a stop and do just that. The time we spent here may very well have been my favorite of the entire trip. There were no expectations, no rush, and no crowd. We got to explore, be silly, and just enjoy nature before making our long trek home.

This one is definitely in the running for Hays Christmas Card 2017.

And this is a prime example of why it takes me approximately 162 pictures to get one that is Christmas Card worthy!

Being kids and getting messy!

VERY messy.

To see more pictures from our time at Worthington Glacier, click HERE.


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  1. What unbelievably beautiful country. And what a wonderful experience for your whole family. I also agree that the one picture would be great for your Christmas card!

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