Our First Alaskan Snow


We have had quite the exciting end to our week this week as we finally got to experience our first Alaskan snow. We had flakes fall from the sky previously, but nothing has stuck yet. Snow is here to stay for the winter now. Let me just say, if it is going to be this cold I definitely appreciate at least having the pretty white stuff to look at while I freeze. The other morning I was walking Bug to school and it was 9 degrees. N-I-N-E.

The girls were so excited to finally have snow to play in. From what I gather our snow came rather late this year. I am pretty sure I read that this was the latest in the year the first snowfall has happened since the 80’s or something crazy like that. It is finally here though and I am slightly in love. This is exactly what I dreamed Alaska would look like… and I am thoroughly enjoying it all from the warm, comfort of my house with a good book and some tea!

The girls played outside for hours yesterday afternoon. I found it rather humorous that it was 20 degrees, snowing, and there were still about a dozen kids at the park playing. Only in Alaska, right? The came inside thoroughly tired and cold, but it was nothing a little cup of cocoa couldn’t fix! Oh the memories. My Mom could always be counted on for cocoa, tomato soup, and grilled cheese on our long snowy play days growing up.

Bug didn’t even come in after she got home from school… she just went straight to playing! I hardly even could get her to pause for a picture!

We did have to have a chat about how we don’t need to lay down and lick snow off the ground…. we have some learning to do when it comes to this white stuff.

Okay, but seriously, there is nothing cuter than a bundled up Baby!

I might have overdone it. The girls came in complaining they were too hot outside. I just can’t help all the German running through my veins — more layers!

I seriously cannot get over these cute kiddos all bundled up in the amazingly beautiful Alaskan winter scenery!

I am so thankful that Baby loved the snow. We were kind of wondering what we were thinking moving to Alaska considering this was her the last time we encountered snow:

Side note, looking through that album of our last snow in Deutschland was very bad, bad idea. We have  been so homesick for Germany lately. Seriously, Germany ruined us for Christmas. And seeing my favorite place in the world covered in beautiful snow… it is taking all myself control to not look up plane tickets right now.

This nearly five-year-old is pretty stinkin’ cute in the snow, too!

Seriously though, this was here in our last snow in Germany almost two years ago… how does time pass so quickly?!?

Well, that is all the snow pictures for now. Being that winter will last about the next six months, though, I am sure there will be many more to come.


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