Baby Turns FOUR!


It is hard to believe that our youngest is now four years old. She is now older than our oldest was when she was born! There is a part of me that is sad about how quickly the baby and toddler years passed by, but I am really enjoying watching her grow into her own little person — even if that little person is rather spicy!

We had a great weekend celebrating her! My Dad flew in a couple of days before her birthday and so that was an extra special treat for us! My folks have been able to be with Bug on the majority of her birthdays since she is a summer birthday, however, they have never been able to be there for the little ones birthdays. So they worked it out this year so that my Dad visited for Baby and my Mom will be here for Princess’ birthday coming up! It is seriously such a blessing to be so much closer to home!

One of the perks of having Irish Twins who are relatively the same size is that the special Birthday shirt you find on clearance can totally work for both of them. However, in Sassy Kitty Spicy style… she pretty much refused to wear it! I did get her to put in on for a little while and snapped a picture for evidence!

We started off her big day with breakfast and presents. Growing up my folks tortured us and made us wait until after dinner! Unreal, right? ha! If her birthday had been on a week day she would have had to wait, too. Since it fell on a Saturday, though, we decided she should open them early so that she could have all day to play with her new stuff!

Not to mention her big sisters kept asking us over and over if she could open her presents yet and eventually their persistence paid off! That is one perk of having sisters — one sister has a birthday, all the sisters benefit with new, exciting stuff!

Baby got a new doll cradle from my folks! The girls have had to share one for all their existence and Baby was really wanting her own. She was so excited! Not to mention my Mom made her an amazing minion card to go with it!

Grandma Lunchbox gave her a doll high chair which was super exciting! Not naming any names, but some little girl thought that doll high chairs were for big kids, too, and our previous one shattered into lots of pieces. She has really been wanting a new one because a baby has got to eat. And then, as Daddy was trying to put it together we realized it had been broken during shipping! Thankfully Amazon was super quick and awesome about sending us a new one and she had it within the week!

THE highlight of the day was the birthday card her sister’s picked out for her. I’m not really a card person. At least I don’t generally buy them. They are so expensive. And when I saw that Mister had let the girls pick a card that was just as expensive as the small toy they got her I wanted to cry. The over priced card totally made her day, though. So, I guess it was worth it!

The girls have never really bought gifts for each others’ birthdays or Christmas. However, big sisters insisted on finding something for Baby. They wound up getting her a plush of one of her favorite characters and she loved it!

Auntie send her a super awesome card that was filled with half dollars!

I totally had plans to make her a special cake from scratch. She has requested a cake with “no flavor” aka white cake. Our weekend got kind of busy, though, and so I ended up picking up a small cake surrounded by cupcakes at Sam’s and then we added the Dora and Friends action figures she had picked out to decorate her cake. Not to shabby!

Our girl may be spicy, but she is also very shy! Her she is being shy and giggling as we sang to her!

Blowing our her candles!

We had such a fun day celebrating our littlest human! She took the whole birthday thing super seriously. She was the ultimate dictator for the day to the point of telling everyone how many pieces of pizza they were allowed to eat for dinner. Shortly before dinner she was starting to fall asleep on the couch and my Dad told her she needed to stay awake for dinner and cake. Her response? “I can do whatever I want, its my birthday!” Our lives would be so boring without this girl!


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  1. It was so much fun to see her smiling and laughing for so many pictures. Our family always made our birthdays so important. It’s good to see you are doing the same.

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