Bug Tuns SEVEN!


Okay, so I’m a little behind over here. With another Birthday coming up this weekend I figured I needed to at least catch up on birthdays because birthdays most definitely deserve their own blog post! I wish I hadn’t waited so incredibly long to post about Bug’s birthday! — She has been 7 for nearly two months now! One of these days I’ll be all caught up.

So Bug turned SEVEN which is just insane to me. I remember when she was first born my Dad told me to treasure every moment because before I knew it she’d be in her 20’s and having kids of her own. I also remember during those long months of little sleep and mountains of poopy diapers thinking to myself, “I really am okay if this part goes by fast.” It seemed like an eternity. Now, though, I have a seven year old and I realize that my old man was right! I think somewhere along the lines we must have skipped an age or two. And then I realize that Baby is going to be FOUR this year which means it has literally been years since I’ve had sleepless nights and poopy diapers! Well, the diapers part anyway!

As much as I hate my girls getting older and older, I really do love it and love celebrating another wonderful year of their life! It is such a joy to be their Mom!

Bug’s birthday was extra special this year because my parents and sister timed their visit in order to be here to celebrate with her! Despite living SO far apart for SO many years, they’ve managed to celebrate with her on her actual birthday 4 out of her 7 birthdays — 5 if you count her actual BIRTH day. I think that is pretty impressive if I do say so myself!

Here is a fun little side-by-side we did. What a difference 7 years can make!

One of the most exciting parts of Bug’s birthday was that she got her ears pierced this year! She had been asking and asking. Towards the end she was having second thoughts and decided she didn’t want to, but then somehow my sister convinced her it wasn’t so bad and she decided she wanted to do it!

My amazingly talented friend, Deanna, made her the coolest Jurassic Park cake! Oh my soul. She was so surprised and was on cloud nine!

Amazing, right? Did I mention it was the best chocolate cake of all time?! It was. Bug made out like a bandit gift-wise too! Grandma Lunchbox renewed her Highlights subscription which is a highly coveted magazine in our household! My Dad (and mom technically) got her an awesome pink tool belt with real tools and so she got to help Papa do some projects while he visited. My sister got her an adorable fashion scarf and earrings — what else are Aunties for? And Andy and I surprised her with a WWE championship belt and her two favorite wrestler action figures. So, yes, we have a very unique child was an eclectic taste.


We simply love our sweet Bug to pieces! She is such a fun kid whose heart is so full of kindness and love for all those around her. She is a reading machine who is so excited about learning and going to school! Did I mention she loves Jesus? That is probably my favorite part! Our little independent Bug had been inquiring a lot about what it means to be saved and then one day, out of the blue, let us know that she had prayed and asked Jesus to be her Savior — All. by. Herself. In true Bug fashion, of course. It has been so fun to watch her appetite for learning more about God and reading his word grow these past few months! I know that He has big plans for her little life!


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  1. I know I say it every time but I love your blogs. Your bug is such a special little girl (as they all are). I teared right up when you told about her praying to Jesus. I wish I had known him when I was her age. I am just thankful I know him now. A big hug to her and Baby who is turning 4. And of course a big hug to wonderful Miss Middle Child.

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