December 2015


Happy New Year! I cannot believe that 2016 is already here! What a year! It seems like just yesterday we were starting out adventure here in Germany. Later this week we will hit our three year ‘anniversary’ of living in beautiful Deutschland! It is kind of bittersweet to know that we will be saying good bye to our home here next month! We are so excited to be heading home, though, and then off to start our next adventure in Alaska! I know that 2016 will be a great year for the Hays Family!

We had a pretty fun December! We didn’t get around to doing nearly as many fun activities as we hoped, but we still had a really wonderful holiday season!

Princess and I played A LOT of games of ‘Matching’! It is her favorite and she is really good!

Bug all dressed up on St. Nicholas day with one of her little treats that he left her in her shoe!

Baby has finally mastered this ‘slide’ at the park behind our house and is so proud. It has be a wild ride watching her go from a baby laying on a blanket to running around with the big kids at this park!

Princess on St. Nicholas day!

St. Nicholas was good to the girls this year! I’m not sure how they will manage with out their favorite treat — Kinder Eggs!

Baby on St. Nicholas Day!

We had a blast at the USO Holiday Market! Santa was even handing out dvds! They loved The Muppets Movie!

The girls all dressed up to go see a Christmas Show!

The show went a little late for Baby!

Meeting the USO Santa!

The girls with the USO Santa.

A fun afternoon making and playing with Christmas themed playdough!

Bug was so excited because she got to play a sheep in the children’s performance at Chapel. She also got to play a bell and did a great job!

I got to visit Bug at school and help construct her gingerbread house with her! So fun!

Princess working on one of our Christmas crafts this year — a 3 wise man banner!

Bug hard at work!

Baby too!

Playing one of our new games we got for Christmas! We love board games!

Merry Christmas from the Hays Family!

The girls with the ACS Santa.

Ringing in the New Year (a few hours early) with two of my dearest friends here in Germany. I seriously don’t know that I could have survived my time here with out them!

We did visit the Wiesbaden Christmas Market this year, but I didn’t wind up taking any pictures. Probably because my hands were too full of yummy things to eat and drink the whole time! As well, we had a really fun time making candy trains with friends! So much happened. And I totally failed to take pictures of a lot of those things! Oh well! At least we have the memories!

To see more of our adventures from the past month you can view the entire albums HERE and HERE.

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