November 2015


November was such a fun month! Mister was recovering from surgery and so we had the privilege of having him home a majority of the month! He recovered very quickly from the surgery (and is continuing to make great progress and getting back to normal) and so it really was quite an enjoyable time together! It has been a little rough on Baby to understand the concept of him going back to work. Mostly mornings when she first wakes up and doesn’t see Dad around she’ll ask, “Is Daddy still sleeping?” She is sure a Daddy’s girl!

November also was a month of some big news for our family! We finally worked out all the details for our upcoming move. We were not approved to stay here in Germany until next fall as we originally thought we would be (to give Mister enough time to get back to normal post-surgery). However, we are staying a few extra months and will be heading out in early March! We will get to spend some time with our extended family and then in April we will be starting our new adventure in Alaska! We are super excited! I know it will take some getting used to, but everything is falling into place perfect and we have only been hearing great things about our upcoming adventure! I can’t wait to get there and start exploring!

Earlier in the month Bug got the chance to go to a little cheer clinic with the cheerleaders for the NFL Kansas City Chiefs! She had an absolute blast and they really were amazingly sweet gals!

Baby as been becoming more and more independent and that means that she likes to dress herself:

Princess loves to look at books! Some of her favorites lately include ISpy (or similar type) books!

Bubble baths are a big favorite around these parts! We keep the bubble bath soap company in business!

So cute and getting SO big:

We all got haircuts! Princess and Bug kept similar cuts, but Baby and I both got shorter cuts!

We had a great Thanksgiving holiday with some friends! We also had a really fun weekend seeing a movie and having lots of family time! We decorated for Christmas and got out all our fun Christmas movies and books! We just LOVE Christmas time! We even kicked off the Christmas season with our first Christmas Market of the year!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful December so far! Merry Christmas!

If you’d like to see more photos from November you can do so HERE.

You can also see more photos of the Christmas Market in Oberursal HERE.

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