Princess Turns FOUR!


A week ago we had the pleasure of celebrating our sweet, sweet Princess turning four years old! She was so stinkin’ excited about it being her birthday. I think that is one of the fun things about having the girls’ birthdays all within a four month period! Baby, who had the last birthday, was especially excited to celebrate big sisters birthday!

In keeping with Hays Family tradition, Princess got to actually be the princess for the day around the house and pick what we ate and did. She really has a knack for being in charge. We ended up getting to go see The Peanuts movie together as a family. I think it might have been the first time we ever took Lindsey to see a movie in theater! She isn’t super interested in movies like her big sisters are and so we just figured her short attention span wouldn’t be a great idea. She ended up really enjoying it, though, even if she got a bit antsy towards the end! She can’t wait to go back again!

We celebrated with a favorite for dinner — pizza! And we have Blue Velvet cake for dinner. Strange, strange child. Grammy & Papa even got to Facetime with us while Princess opened up her presents (so I don’t have a ton of pictures to share) which was really special!

Princess got a baby just like Lindsey had. She got a fancy stroller, diaper bag, outfits, diapers, etc. So now the two of them are set! They love playing house/mommy together. It is adorable!

If you’d like to see a few more snapshots from Princess’ special day, you can view the entire album HERE.


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