October 2015


Hello! I hope you all are having a great fall so far! I think that Autumn is my favorite season of all! The colors are just so beautiful and nothing beats a cozy Autumn day with a yummy cup of something warm and a good book!

October was a busy month for the Hays family. I am happy to report that we survived our month and a half of having two 3 year olds and now one of those precious girls is FOUR! Mister had his knee surgery mid month and is recovering better than expected which is nice! We are really enjoying having him home while he recovers! We are also really thankful for all of our amazing friends here who helped us get through his surgery. Having to drive 60-90 minutes to the hospital and not being able to bring kids was a bit chaotic at times between the various appointments and the surgery day. We seriously have the best friends in the world!

Along the lines of knee surgery… due to Mister’s surgery we won’t be moving in December and heading to San Antonio as planned since he needs time to recover before our move. While we don’t have many details we do know that we will be back stateside in the February or March time frame. We still have no idea where we will be going, but hopefully we can share that exciting news sometime soon! We are really, really looking forward to being at least somewhat closer to our family and friends though! Germany has been a wonderful adventure, but we are ready to go home.

Princess and Baby both got to start preschool this past month and are absolutely loving it. They are in class on alternating days and so they each have their own classes and they each get days with Mom all to themselves. It is working out really nicely. Before school started, though, we got to go on an adventure to pick apples! They had so much fun!

Speaking of preschool! The girls shared a class for one week before Princess started in her new class. On one of those days the firefighters came to their class and Princess made the local newspaper!

Our Littles are seriously the best of friends! Some call us crazy for having two so close together, but I wouldn’t trade it in for the world!

Bug has been LOVING first grade! She is reading like a champ and is really starting to love to read which has been a lot of fun! Here is a picture of her with her first book report:

We also had some fun this month celebrating fall/halloween and getting into the spirit. One of those was a short day trip down to Ludwigsburg for their annual Pumpkin festival! It was such a beautiful day out and it was so nice to get out of the house for a little while. We enjoying some great pumpkin – foods, too!

Closer to Halloween we opted to get some pumpkins of our own to carve which was a hilarious disaster. The girls refused to touch the pumpkin guts and wound up just having a dance party while Mister and I did all the work. Just for the record, we had gotten 5 pumpkins with a vision of us having fun gutting them, carving them, etc. Instead Mister and I spent hours cleaning, cooking seeds, carving, etc. It was fun and yet also very tiring. And the pumpkins rotted and had to be thrown out within the week and no one really cared for the seeds and those ended up getting thrown out too. We totally nailed that holiday tradition! Mister did a really great job carving the pumpkins, though, and we really enjoyed them before they started smelling disgusting.

The girls had some fun shirts to wear to school the day before Halloween, too!

Halloween night was an absolute hoot! Poor Mister was still not super mobile at that point so he wound up getting put on ‘passing out the candy’ duty. The girls and I, though, got to join a nice group of friends and neighbors for the evening! We walked around collecting candy and finished the night at a BBQ put on at the park! Can’t beat a free hot dog dinner on Halloween! 😉

We’ve spent the past 3 Halloweens with the same friends! I am so sad that we won’t be able to share in all the festivities with them next year! Going trick or treating with them has become our tradition!

To see more of our October fun, you can view the entire albums HERE or HERE!


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