Baby Turns THREE!


We may need to rethink Baby’s nickname a bit now that she is THREE years old. How can that be? She is really not much of a baby at all anymore. To be completely fair, though, she really hasn’t been a baby for quite some time! She has be potty trained for about a year now, talks as though she is 3 going on 35, and she is a fiery little independent soul. None the less, she will most likely always be my baby. And truth be told, I don’t think she minds it one bit because she is completely and utterly spoiled simply because I am an emotional wreck with each day my ‘baby’ grow older.

I think the third birthday just my be my favorite one in each of my children’s lives. It seems as though THREE is that birthday when they really ‘get’ that it is their special day. Baby and I talked for weeks prior to her birthday about what we would eat, what kind of cake she wanted, what gift she wanted, and what she wanted to do to make her day extra special. It was a much anticipated day! I think all the girls were equally excited for her birthday. She wound up sleeping in a little bit that morning and her big sisters were struggling with all their might not to wake her up so they could sing her the happy birthday song! She is well loved, there is no doubting that!


Daddy surprised Baby with some special balloons!

Both big sisters had school on her birthday morning so Baby had her Mama all to herself. She would make a spectacular only child. She has no qualms with having any and all attention centered on her! She got to watch her favorite — Daniel Tiger! Big sisters usually protest and she rarely gets to actually watch it. Baby also loves baking and cooking and so she got to help make her very own birthday cake! She chose Chocolate Cake with Chocolate frosting!

Baby posing with her cake when it was all done!

Bug & Baby super excited for Baby’s birthday! They decided they HAD to dress up in their fanciest dresses for her birthday dinner!

THE cutest birthday girl of all time!

She loves her Daddy!

Enjoying her very favorite dinner — Homemade Cheese Pizza!

Even at 3 she gets super excited about getting a little cash!

We surprised her with a very special baby doll for her birthday!

Baby and her baby — Olivia!

I really, really love this picture because it just gives me a small insight into the special bond these two share with each other. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen another kid so genuinely happy and excited for another kid’s birthday. Princess just adores Baby and Baby adores Princess. I love it! Irish twins are the BEST!

Grandpa Ice cream & her aunties got her an AWESOME stroller for her baby! She is in heaven!

Happy Birthday sweet Baby!

Blowing out her candles!

Enjoying her long awaited cake and ice cream! We talked for WEEKS about it. She took one bite and decided she doesn’t like chocolate cake! ha ha Next year it will be vanilla!

It was so much fun to celebrate having our sweet Baby in our lives! I simply cannot imagine our lives with out her as part of our family! So, for now, we have TWO three year olds in the house! Imagine that! And in a few more weeks we will finally have another birthday to celebrate! I think between all the birthdays and holidays this just might very well be my favorite time of the year!

To see more of Baby’s birthday you can view the entire album HERE.


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  1. What a fun day that must have been for you all. Tell her I have asked for chocolate cake for my birthday too. Wish you were all here so we could help celebrate the birthdays. They are always so special.

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