September 2015!


I feel like I say this for every monthly update post, but this month seriously went insanely fast! There have been so many new adventures that have started up this month and it was just a good month.

Bug started first grade! It was technically still August when she started, but oh well. As you can see it was a HOT day. I think it was about 90. I’m pretty sure if memory serves me right, the next day was 70 and rainy. Gotta love the weather here!


Little Sis wasn’t completely thrilled with the idea of losing her play mate!

Our big first grader!

Mama & Her Big Girl!

About a week into school Bug got a really cute, big girl hair cut! I love it! Totally matches her personality!

Best Friends!

A fun afternoon at the park!

The Seahawks season opener actually played at a decent time & we had a blast watching it together!

Baby is just growing up TOO fast! She is my little buddy! We were heading out to get groceries together!

Hooray for new friends! Ready for a story? So shortly after moving to Germany my dear friend from El Paso let me know about another friend of hers (who had lived in El Paso at a different time) who was also moving to Germany. We met up and became instant friends! Love her! Well, this friend knew another friend from El Paso (again, not when we were there) who just happened to move to the SAME city we are in a few weeks ago! Seriously, Hillcrest connections are THE best!

The Littles have been VERY into being helpers lately. They help with laundry, cleaning, etc. It is wonderful! Princess was helping make corn bread for dinner this night!

Ballet lessons from Big sis!

Bug is SUCH a great big sister! Baby loves her to pieces!

Just an average, silly night at the Hays house!

Bug decided to try soccer again and is LOVING it!

First night of soccer practice!

Seriously. These kids are THE best.

Baby got one of her birthday presents from Great Grandma Juicy a little early! She is such a little mama! She loves her babies!

This is Princess’ favorite outfit. She wears it at least 2-3 times a week. Basically any time it is clean!

Having fun doing a craft together!

Our Halloween costumes came in the mail (thanks Mom!) and the girls could not WAIT to try them on!

She wanted to be Darth Vader more than anything. ha ha I’m thankful we have such a unique kiddo!

Seriously. I love these kids. They are my favorite!

Because coats with masks are the very best! Thanks Grammy!

Princess is now doing pre school a few days a week which means Baby gets Mama all to herself! So far she has been LOVING it. She would be totally content as an only child. ha ha Not that she requires a lot of attention or anything.

The girls all had dentist appointments this past week and LOVED it. Seriously, quite possibly the only kids in the world who keep asking when they can go back to the dentist!

Waiting patiently while ‘painting.’ If you haven’t discovered Melissa and Doug’s Water Wow books… you are missing out! They are THE best thing ever.

The dentist gave her a mustache! She thought it was the coolest!

‘See ya laters’ are the pits! I am going to miss this dear friend of mine SO much.

We have been blessed with some of the best friends here. It makes the ‘see ya laters’ just that much harder!

These two girls are two peas in a pod! We were in both Kindergarten & First Grade together. It was so incredibly heart breaking to have to say ‘see ya later.’ We are already planning a visit once we get Stateside!

On the bright side, at least we still have some really great friends here! And our first soccer game this past week was a BLAST!

If you want to see more from our September, you can view the entire album HERE!

Here is to a GREAT October. đŸ™‚

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