Saalfelder Feengrotten Saalfeld, Germany!


Our super explorers!

While we were staying in Dresden it was pretty stinkin’ hot. I think it was over 90 degrees every day. So our second day in Dresden we opted to try and find a bit of relief from the heat. What sounds more refreshing than a nice, cool cave? A long time ago I had stumbled across the website for Saalfelder Feengrotten and had always wanted to go. It is only a couple hours outside of Dresden and so it wound up being a great little day trip for us!

We arrived around lunch time so we enjoyed a nice lunch of brats, brotchen, and pommes frites! Then we spent some time playing at one of the play grounds which the girls loved to pieces! It is always nice to spend a day running around and being a kid after a long day of playing tourist the day before like we had!

Getting some help on the UPHILL monkey bars!


The main attractions of the park are the caves and the fairy village. Yes, I said fairy village. Feengrotten roughly translates to fairy caves. The caves themselves proved to be pretty magically, too, but the magical experience extends beyond the caves and in to the fun, wooded park they also created next to the caves themselves! We had a couple of ours until our scheduled cave tour (it is by tour only) and so we headed into the fairy village first!

The entrance into the fairy village! It was very whimsical!

A super fun tree fort slide!

Daddy helping Baby down the slide. It was a VERY fast slide.

Bug was in heaven!

The girls even got to meet a ‘real’ fairly, have their faces painted, and make a wish while being sprinkled with special fairy dust! It was so much fun!

After so much fun in the fairly village we had some ice cream, of course, while we finished waiting for our tour to begin! Before long it was finally time to head in! We even got to wear fun little outfits to protect our clothes! The caves were insanely amazing. Pictures hardly even do it justice!

I will give the warning that this is NOT a place to go if you are even slightly claustrophobic. While walking through the caves there is a good, long portion where you are in a tunnel about 5 feet tall (yes, that meant we were all hunched over!) and barely wide enough for a single adult. It was a unique experience to say the least!

They save the best part of the cave for last. Oh my word. It is SO beautiful. People actually even get married down here. They do a fun little light show, too, that really show cases the beautiful of this area of the cave!

At first I thought the water was just so clear that we could see the beautiful cave both above and below the surface. Then, I realized that what you see ‘in’ the water is actually a reflection of the cave above water. It was so amazing! I have never seen such reflective water before!

It was such an amazing trip! I love finding these unique places and experiences that we may never get to have anywhere else in the world! It is just SO cool.

I think the girls had a pretty spectacular day, too! They were pretty worn out on the ride back to Dresden!

If you would like to view more pictures from our time at Saalfelder Feengrotten you can do that HERE.


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