Dresden, Germany!


A view of Dresden from above.

After spending several days in the Czech Republic we headed back towards Germany. Along the way we stopped in Boleslawiec, Poland for some pottery. We ended up getting a little tea set! I am really looking forward to having some tea parties with the girls in the near future! After a short pit stop we arrived at our final destination and home away from home for the next few days — Dresden, Germany!

On our first full day in Dresden we took the street car into the Old Town. I think that hands down it was my favorite Old Town (or aldstadt in German) that we have ever visited. It was simply breath taking!

Dresden as a city dates back to the 1100’s, but was not considered part of Germany until much later. It is right on the border with the Czech Republic and has a rich Slavic history as well. The city was mostly destroyed during bombings in WWII. However, there has been much effort in recent years to restore the city to its former glory.

We wound up in Dresden during a heat wave. We stopped for ice cream more times than I can remember and were not as productive as tourists as we had originally hoped to be! It was still a fun day, though, even if we didn’t get to take in all the sites we had hoped to.

Frauenkirche in Dresden.

One stop that we did really get to enjoy was Frauenkirche or Church of our Lady in Dresden. It is an extremely beautiful church. Frauenkirche was originally a Roman Catholic Church, however, it became a Lutheran Church after the Reformation. The Cathedral was mostly destroyed during the bombings in WWII and was left in ruins for quite some time as a war memorial. However, in the mid 1990’s reconstruction began to restore this beautiful church. Construction was completed in 2005 and it was also reconsecrated that year as well.

Inside the dome.

We decided to climb to the top of the dome and it was 100% worth it. For one thing, when you go in to view the church you are asked not to take any pictures. (Although many other tourist were choosing to take pictures I am a rule follower by nature. Especially in places like churches cathedrals. I just find it disrespectful to disrupt people praying and worshiping so I can get a picture.) So the only pictures I have inside of Frauenkirche are the ones I took as we climbed to the top! And that isn’t even to mentioning how incredible the views were from the top!

So beautiful!

Pictures as we climbed!

Up they go!

Looking down!

A LONG way down. See all the people at the bottom?

Beautiful views of the city of Dresden from atop Frauenkirche!

The river that runs through Dresden is the Elbe river. It was very, very low when we visited which you can see here in the picture. One of the things Dresden is known for is the steam boat tour on the Elbe. We did go on it, but it was quite disappointing because the low river levels prevented us from going on the usual route.

As I mentioned before, we also took the steam boat river tour. Unfortunately we didn’t really enjoy it. I didn’t even end up taking any pictures because there really wasn’t much to even see on the route we had to take due to the low river levels.

Above is a mural that depicts all the rules of Dresden.

We had such a fun time exploring Dresden despite all the heat! The girls were such troopers! If you would like to see more from our time in Dresden you can view the entire album HERE.



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  1. It is so amazing how the city has restored the breathtaking buildings that were all destroyed at the end of the war. What fun experiences you all have. I treasure my postcard that Lily sent.

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