Brno Zoo, Czech Republic


On our third day in the Czech Republic we decided to do something more kid-centered since we had done several days of more adult-centered exploring. Plus, since we knew we would be spending a good chunk of the next day in the car we didn’t want to have to travel to far for the day. We decided on the Brno Zoo! We also considered visiting Brno itself (it is the second largest city in the Czech Republic), but we wound up spending so much time at the zoo that we didn’t really have time.

I am not exaggerating one bit when I say that this zoo might be my new favorite zoo! To start with, it was so cheap! I think a family ticket equated to about $12 USD! A family ticket. Not per person. Insane! While there were parts of the Zoo that were definitely older and not nice it was very obvious that they have been doing a lot of reconstruction and updating in recent years. The parts that have been more newly renovated are very nice and rival any of the other major zoos we have visited (and we go to A LOT of zoos!) We spent nearly 6 hours at this zoo! While the amount of animals in and of itself isn’t insanely large there was a wide variety. As well, there were lots and lots of little playgrounds scattered around that we enjoyed stopping and playing at. There was even a larger ‘kid area’ towards the top of the zoo. And yes, I mean the top. The zoo is located on a hill side and so walking the entire zoo is quite a hike. I thought the Stuttgart Zoo was pretty hilly, but the Brno is like a mountain in comparison! We really got our work out in that day!

All the pictures I have from the zoo I took on my iPod. I remembered my camera, but not my battery or memory card. So yeah. Not the best quality, but still will give you a taste of all the fun we had that day!

It was so cool being so close to all the animals! The girls were loving it!

Those bears and their photo-bombing! Good grief!

Super fun slide IN a hillside! You hopped in at the top of the hill and came shooting out the bottom!

Playing at one of the many little playgrounds scattered around the zoo! They were really great hiking breaks as we made our way through the zoo!

This is totally hard to see, but there are two very large Eagles up on that tree. Nothing separating us from them. In fact, we were inside this large, dome, netted cage thing. Definitely something different than any other zoo we’ve been to!

The girls all got pony rides! The Zoo was cheap, but they did charge you for a lot of extra things once you got inside! Thankfully they were pretty cheap, too! The girls really enjoyed this!

Wouldn’t have been a trip to the Czech Republic with out eating a trdelnik!

So here is a fun example of things being lost in translation. When we bought our zoo ticket we also bought the train ticket. We thought, from what the website said, that it was a little train tour of the zoo. So we figured it’d be a fun little way to wrap up the day after hiking the entire zoo. Yeah. No. The train took us to the top and then we were kicked off. Not even joking. It was simply a train to help you avoid all the hiking. So we could have just started with the train and not done all the uphill. Oops! We wound up, then, having to walk all the way back down the zoo which, even with out stopping to look at anything, took us a solid 10-15 minutes! But look at our happy, silly unknowing faces before the train ride began! ha ha

Poor Baby! She has been doing so great walking places lately! I think I mentioned that we haven’t even taken the stroller as of recently! Well, 6 hours at the zoo (and lots of hills!)  she was done walking so I threw her on my back. She was fast asleep within two minutes!

All in all, though, it was a GREAT day. Quite possibly my favorite day of vacation!

To see more of our trip to the Brno Zoo you can view the entire album HERE.

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