August 2015!


USO Fun day at the park! These girls love face paint!

I am going to take a quick break in my ‘vacation reporting’ to just share what we have been up to in normal life this past month! First of all, what happened to August? Wow. I cannot believe we are already back to school! Unreal! Bug is super excited about first grade, though! And as much fun as our summer break was I am also pretty ready to get back to our normal routines. Not to mention I am really ready for some fall weather and fall food! Autumn is my favorite season of the year hands down!

Bug got some awesome Lego sets for her birthday! She has been getting really good at following the directions and putting them all together!

Princess found this lady and was SO excited. Unfortunately the ladybug had long since left this world.

And this is what happens when an almost 3 and almost 4 year old decide to play make over with markers….

Princess and the AFN Eagle.

The were reading a book together on the couch and both fell asleep. So sweet!

We took a couple trips to visit some of our favorite people at one of our favorite parks — the Dinosaur Park!

Diva and the Dinosaurs!


They don’t always get along, but I am so glad that generally the girls really like spending time together!

Oh man. This kid! I love her!

All the girls squeezing in!

Baby taking her turn!

Princess and her ‘stunna’ shades!

Pretty girl in a pretty place!

Princess being adorable. 🙂


… and Baby when she was told the new bed was not for her and she inherited Princess’ old bed. Ha ha!

They love when big sister reads to them! She is getting to be a great reader!

Such a goober!

Another USO fun day! We literally waited in line an hour for face paint, but it was totally worth it!

Bug chose a wolf. It came out rather cat-like, but she still loved it!

Baby wasn’t in a mood for smiles, but she was happy about her face paint!

Princess Kitty Cat!

Bug got an awesome tattoo, too!

And we got to decorate and eat GIANT cookies!

So much fun and SO yummy!

Dressed up all pretty just because & wanting her picture taken!

If you would like to see more pictures from our adventures this past month you can view the entire album HERE! Enjoy!

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