Velka Amerika, Czech Republic


On our recent road trip we spent four nights in the Czech Republic. The first day was mostly a driving day and we stopped at the Sedlec Ossuary. We spent our second day back in the Prague area. We had intended to visit Prague for the evening, but due to poor timing and horrendous traffic that never happened. Well, to be fair, we did spend about two hours sitting in traffic in Prague so that kind of counts, right? Nope. Totally not. However, thankfully we had had so much fun earlier in the day that it totally out weighed the disappointment of not making it in to Prague. That and a random amazing Czech dinner we had at a rest stop restaurant!

Our first stop of the day was at Velka Amerika or the Grand Canyon of the Czech Republic. It was beautiful.

The canyon is actually an abandon limestone quarry from the 1900’s. It is about a half mile long and about 200 m wide. There is a great trail that goes all the way around the canyon with views from both ends. Some people even braved (honestly, they risked death) hiking down to the base of the canyon where you could enjoy the lake. There were even some campers down there. The girls really enjoyed getting out and ‘hiking’ after a long day in the car the day before.

Bohemia is just stinkin’ beautiful!

Hays Family selfie at Velka Amerika!

I am so excited that as our girls are growing older we are able to do more activities like this! I don’t think we used our strollers once the whole vacation!! I love that the girls are finally getting to ages where they can be little explorers on their own! So fun!

After visiting Velka Amerika we headed to the nearby Karlstejn Castle! I will share more about that wonderful adventure next time!





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  1. It is so great that you all are able to explore the countries around you -what wonderful memories. Those girls just keep getting cuter but I don’t have to tell you that!!

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