Pictures by Auntie Abby!


My sister is seriously my favorite photographer in the world. And not just because she if my sister! She just has a knack for capturing personalities. My children may not be perfectly posed with perfect smiles on their faces for our pictures, but they aren’t like that in real life either! I feel like she truly captures a moment… a phase of our crazy adventure-filled lives that is forever frozen in a picture for me to treasure. If you would like to see more of her work feel free to swing by her website HERE.

Through out the course of our time visiting with my parents she capture lots of pictures and I just want to take a few moments to share those with you today since I love them all to pieces!

Our Silly Bug ready for camping!

On adventure with Grammy & Papa!

Silly Princess while we were camping!

These two in a nut shell!

This is one of those treasure forever moments. I never want to forget her sweet, smile with my whole face, 3 year old smile!

Great Grandpa and Bug playing soccer. Due to his Parkinson’s he has days where simply walking is difficult. It was such a blessing that he was having a good day and able to play with Lily. I know it is something she will treasure just as I do all the play times I had with him when I was growing up.

This might be my favorite one from the whole trip. My s’more eating, freckled faced, five-almost-six year old.

Reading with Great Grandma Juicy.

All three of us siblings with our Dad on Father’s Day. Oh, and one little Princess who insisted on being park of the pictures too!

Kids & Pops on Father’s Day.

My Mama, Sister, and I at her graduation party.

Baby is starting to grow up…

Celebrating Auntie’s Graduation!

This little one LOVES to help in the kitchen!

Helping Grammy make jam!

Oh Baby!

My Mom, myself, my sister, and now all three of my girls have had our picture taken in this dress!

The girls with Great Grandma Juicy!

The girls with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa!

What a precious moment. Extra squeezes from Great Grandpa!

Princess & Great Grandma Juicy!

Smooches and Squeezes with Papa!

The girls and Auntie Abby!

Baby and Auntie!

Princess & Auntie!

We did a little photo shoot on the 4th of July with the girls… it turned out amazing despite them not being the most cooperative!

And a few shots from before the wedding (my Brother and Auntie Tara’s)

If you want to see more of the pictures my sister took or pictures of what we have been up to lately feel free to head over to our photo share site HERE.


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