Home Sweet Home — July 2015 Part One


I realize that July is only about half way over, hence the part one, but I really wanted to share about our trip to Washington before the craziness of the rest of this month takes over. Also, I have been awake since midnight with a combination of jet lag and thunder storms so I am getting a little bored waiting for my family to wake up and join me! Lucky you!

WE ARE HOME. It feels so good to be home. I grew up basically my entire life in the same home and yet it is funny how now being married and on my own as welcoming as my family is and as much as I love being there it just doesn’t feel like home anymore. We move a lot. We’ve only lived in Germany for just shy of three years now. It feels like home, though. And I am 99% sure that is because my heart feels at home whenever I’m with Mr. (I know, I know… but its true!)

The girls and I had a really great time getting back to Washington (and America in general) and visiting family. While we didn’t get to see ALL the family I was hoping we would we still made some great memories with the family we did get to spend time with. I did lots of shopping and stocking up for our last stretch here in Germany. And I got to spend some time with a few great friends.

These are all pictures that I snapped periodically through out the trip. Later one I’ll probably post again and share the pictures that my sister took because they are all a million times better than what I took. Until then…

Bug has recently become quite a fan of Spiderman! I found this jacket for $10 at Costco! Best. Mom. Ever! Also, can I say how much I love this kid? She is so fun. She loves things like super heroes and legos, but equally loves ponies and wearing dresses! I love that she loves what she loves and she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks!

Visiting Grandpa’s house and petting their bird with Auntie! Bug got a special, first time, treat while we visited! She got to stay the night with her Auntie’s (Mister’s sisters) ALL by herself. She had a BLAST!

The littles and their other Auntie and Daddy’s dog, Benny. Poor guy is getting kind of old but the girls love him to pieces!

Princess and Benny!

More Spiderman fun with Auntie!

The girls are so lucky to be so loved!

The spent days playing in this box aka space ship!

Bug got to take a karate type class at the Little Gym where my sister works. Its right by a Baskin Robbins so we just HAD to stop and have some ice cream before dinner!

Ice cream is a Hays’ life blood.

Popsicles on a warm, sunny day! The weather was INSANE while we visited. I never physically saw it rain (it rained over night maybe twice). This is the NorthWest?!? Definitely the nicest summer I’ve ever experienced!

Riding bikes with their ever so patient Papa!

We found a frog in my parents back yard (and a pretty big one too) and the girls LOVED it. Princess kept carrying it around! They wanted to keep it as a pet.

They even let him take a little swim in their pool!

Lipstick fun with Auntie!

Play Micro Machines with Uncle. I’m not sure if I mentioned, but myself and all my siblings were living under my parents roof together for a few weeks for the first time since I got married and moved to Texas! AND we had the girls, too. It was a tad crowded, but a lot of fun!

Baby and Great Grandma were fast friends. I think the constant stream of M&Ms helped fuel that bond, but Lindsey also spent A LOT of time just sitting and chatting with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa every day (they live next door to my folks.)

Pool fun! They practically have lived in the water this summer!

Baby and Great Grandpa.

Posing with Uncle! (I think he had just rolled out of bed… haha)

Princess all dressed up on the 4th! My sister did a super cute photo shoot with them!

Watching fireworks on the 4th.

Sweet sisters on the 4th!

I love this kid!

My sister and I watching fireworks from the top of my parents’ roof on the 4th!

Pretty Bug on the 4th!

Uncle and Auntie Tara got an apartment the week before their wedding and started moving some things in. One of the days they invited us to come down and swim at their complex pool! It was SO much fun!

Ready for Uncle and Auntie Tara’s wedding!!!

Baby insisted on having her hair curled for the wedding so it would be like Great Grandmas!

Princess all ready for the wedding! The girls were SO excited! And had a ball! They danced and danced the night away! This girl, in particular, had lots of fun. She even got a dance with one of my brother’s groomsman!

Me and my newest sister! I am one lucky lady!

I’m no longer the only married sibling! My brother is a married man!! So excited for him and Tara! They are perfect together!

The silly girls I got to share a bed with while in Washington. I was more than ready to come home and NOT share a bed with them and their little fit that were always finding their way to my back!

This girl. What can I say. We have been friends since before I can remember. We spent our childhood together constantly and completely inseparable. We’ve been through so much together. We have both lived out of state for the last five years or so and it was so great to finally be back in the same area together! I definitely treasured all the time I got to spend with her on this trip!

Another great blessing of my brother and Tara getting married is Tara’s parents! The girls LOVE them to pieces and they are basically just honorary grandparents now. 🙂

Princess giving her new Build a Bear a squeeze!

We took a trip to Build a Bear one of our last days in town! The girls had SO much fun!

Princess and her Sparkly kitty!

Last night in Washington having dinner at Red Robin — yum!

The girls and Grandpa Ice Cream. Yes, that is really what they call him. For good reason too. We rarely get together with out ice cream involved. Like I said, ice cream and Hays got hand in hand!

I’ll share another post later with pictures that my sister took, but this is one of my favorites that we did for Mister. We did one years ago when we only had the two older girls and I wanted to re-do it! I love how it turned out!

That is all for now! If you want to keep up with what were are up to the rest of the month or see more of the pictures from Washington that I didn’t post you can view our photo share site HERE. Enjoy!

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  1. So loved those pictures. Glad you made it home without any trouble. Will look forward to your next blog. Lots of love to you all.

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