June 2015


It is so mind boggling to me that this year is already over half way over now! It has been absolutely flying by and I can only imagine how quickly the rest of it will go! June has been an exciting month for the Hays Family! For starters, Andy and I started out the month on a kid-free trip to Greece. After getting back from that we had just about a week together as a family before the girls and I hopped on a plane to Seattle. Yes, I took all three girls by myself on a trip across the world. Yes, I am slightly more insane than I was before… but we survived! We are currently still in Seattle and enjoying having lots of time with family. We flew in in time to see my sister graduate from high school which was a real blessing. We also get to stick around long enough to see my brother get married, too! We are definitely missing Mr. big time, but that will just make the reunion all the more sweeter, right?

In other ‘big news’ we have a little more direction about what our lives will be looking like in the immediate future. Mr. has known for a few months that he will be heading off to a school in San Antonio to start off 2016. We weren’t sure whether the girls and I would be joining because his time there is potentially only 5 months (but could be up to a full year). However, we found out recently that we will be joining him! I am so excited to be back in Texas again! Even more so, I am excited that we are going to be able to stay together as a family!

Here is a little bit of what we have been up to this past month….

This two ALWAYS keep me on my toes!

Bug finished up KINDERGARTEN! She is officially a first grader. On one of her last days of school they had a market day where they could sell and buy goods or services. Here she is with her face painted like a tiger — one of the things she bought!

Enjoying a nice bike ride on a warm day!

They love riding bikes!

Bug and Princess playing tic-tac-toe together… Princess won! haha

Finally got our pool up that we bought last summer!

And we added to our collection with this super fun slip and slide!

Bug had a fancy tea party birthday party for one of her best friends! She looks way too grown up!

Summer fun!

Cooling off on a hot day!

So fun!

Relaxing in the sunshine!

Daddy’s girl!

We got to spend time with these friends one last time! By the time we get back to Germany they will have moved on to their new home! We will miss them so much!

The girls and I took a little field trip to the Dinosaur Park in Kaiserslaughtern, Germany! It is one of our favorite places to go!

There were some beautiful flowers blooming at our playground and Princess just had to have one for her hair!

Baby was having a cranky day and was over walking. SO I had to improvise and turn my normal back pack into a carrier for her!

More Dinosaur Park fun!

Germans don’t mess around when it comes to playgrounds!

Happy Baby!

Last day of Kindergarten!!!

I have no idea why so many people ask me if they are twins…. 😉

After 2.5 years (and one REALLY long day of traveling) we finally were back in the good old US of A!

Wrestling with Papa!

Sometimes I wonder if it is really Baby that we should call princess…

There is NO such thing as too much frozen yogurt!

Family dinner celebrating my sister’s graduation! Only one missing is my brother!

The girls finally got to meet their newest (soon to be) Auntie in person!!

My Mom and I!

The girls with our graduate!

Princess is such a sweet girl!

My sister and I! And Baby who conveniently (finally) fell asleep right towards the end of the ceremony!

Never too old for a goofy picture!

Bug being a silly girl in Papa’s glasses!

My sister and I with out my sleeping, drooling baby! 🙂

My Mom, Sister, and I!

I got to reunite, after 1.5 years, with one of my closest friends! We were like family in Germany and spent vacations and holidays together! It was so hard to say good bye, but thankfully they moved on to our home town area so we were able to see each other while I am here visiting!

Grammy got them a pool!

Little fishy!

Auntie Tara gave us all much needed hair cuts!

Playing Princess Candyland with their Aunties!

Making S’mores at Grandpa Ice Cream’s house (yes, thats really what they call him) with their other two Aunties!

Typical Lily face!


My girls!

The gang at my sister’s graduation!

Waiting OH so patiently for Uncle to finally get home!

Finally getting to see Uncle after 2.5 years!

Uncle keeps them entertained!

Late Nights watching Star Wars with Papa!

Lots and LOTS of sugar!

Father’s Day family lunch!

Our friendship in a nutshell!

The girls with their honorary Aunt and Uncle!

Bug and Randy invented the Shmookie. A s’more made with chocolate chip cookies!

Bug and her great grandpa playing soccer!

Scooter time with Uncle!

So happy to be back together!

We most recently got back from camping up at Mt. Rainier! Oh how I have missed this beautiful place!

The girls and I up at Mt. Rainier!

Playing at the river while camping!

Sibling selfie at Silver Falls!

Silver Falls.

So peaceful!

Throwing rocks in the river!

Bug LOVED playing at the river!

If you would like to see more of what we have been up to lately, you can view our photo share site HERE.

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  1. Absolutely loved seeing all those pictures. Didn’t know you would all be going to Texas after all – I am sure that will be so nice for you all. We will miss you here but it is best that you, Andy & the girls are all together.

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