May 2015!


I cannot believe that it is June already! Where did May go? It sure flew by! As I sit here and write we are counting down the last days of school! Bug only has FOUR more days of Kindergarten! I can’t believe I almost have a first grader!?!?! May wasn’t as busy of a travel month for us. We had some ‘real life’ stuff going on. I think one of the most unexpected things we have realized while living here is that while all these amazing European destinations are much closer and much more affordable to visit we can’t possibly be on vacation all the time. We have to work and do real life stuff, too. So lame! I vote that next time we just get a three year paid vacation to Europe! 🙂

We did get to visit Koblenz and Ehrenbreitstein Festung early the month. Bug had her ballet recital and we finished up both ballet and gymnastics for the year. Later in the month we got to go to Lochmuhle amusement park and visit the Heidelberg Zoo, too! Oh, and of course we celebrated Mother’s Day! I was very spoiled by my sweet girls and husband! All in all, we had a ton of fun! June is sure bringing some exciting adventures for us too! The girls and I are going to be heading back to Seattle in less than a week! We were able to score some really cheap, last minute tickets! So we’ll be spending about half our summer with extended family celebrating graduations and my brother’s wedding! We can’t wait!

Baby insists on an escort to the bathroom every time she has to go! I don’t really blame her! The potty is BIG and high off the ground. And German plumbing is so impressive I am a tad worried she could get flushed away. 😉

Hooray for being sisters who like each other at this moment in time!

Seriously adorable little Irish Twins!

Bug rockin’ her shades! We are ready for summer!

Silly sisters! Baby was trying to keep Princess out of her room!

She’s so fancy!

Enjoying some sunshine!

Our sweet Princess. She has insisted on dressing herself lately in case you were wondering.

My morning companions while I was getting ready for the day…

Seriously. Sometimes they are just TOO cute.

She was totally faking in this picture. But she DID wear that costume to nap AND insisted on wearing it to pick up Bug from school, too. We were definitely the center of attention. ha ha

Some good friends of ours let us borrow their three kiddos for the weekend while they went on vacation kid-free. They repaid us a few weeks later and we went to Greece. These kids have SO much fun together. Although, we may be slightly insane considering we have 6 kids 6 and under between the two families!

I’ve been doing the majority of grocery shopping at the German stores as of late. It means more than one store and a much longer ordeal. So, being a human being, I bribe these cute kids with food. They get a pretzel for lunch if they listen at Aldi. They get a ‘fun’ yogurt for snack later in the day if they listen at Globus.

Last night of gymnastics… rocking it on the balance beam. And yes, she dressed herself.

Having fun during bath time!

Bug has SO much hair. We had to snap this so fast… it was too heavy to stay up for more than a couple seconds!

Baby doing the bars at gymnastics!

And Princess, too!

Princess and her silly bath time hair!

One of Baby’s new favorite games is ‘Catch!’ She has quite an arm on her!

More fun hair during bath time!

Bug on her last night of gymnastics working on the beam!

Circle time at Gymnastics!

Princess on the beam!

Bug doing the bar!

They are SURE going to miss their gymnastics teacher! She was the best!

Baby playing some more ‘Catch!’

I’m going to be completely honest. I think if Baby could have her way this would be our family size! ha That sweet girl likes to be the center of BOTH of our attention.

The Hays Family!

Me and two of my sweet girls!

Sweet Bug. Just can’t get enough of my almost 6 year old!

And I’ll finish with this! Silly Hays Family picture! Love our life together! 🙂

To see more of our month you can view the entire album HERE.
Also be sure to check our photo share site (the link above will take you there) for the latest videos! I have posted a few fun ones this past month! For one, Bug learned to ride her bike with out training wheels!!!


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  1. Just loved seeing all those pictures. I can’t wait for all you girls to come over here. So happy you can be here for graduation & the wedding.

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