Heidelberg Zoo!


Over Memorial Day weekend we got to go on a few adventures. We kicked off the weekend with our adventure to Lochmuhle. After a few days of chores, relaxing, and teaching Bug to ride a two wheeler (yes you read that right!!) we ended our week with a trip to the Heidelberg Zoo! A good friend of mine recommended it and I am so glad that we went! It isn’t the biggest zoo we have ever been to, but they had a great variety of animals for the cost. As well, there were so really great playgrounds there! I may have to venture back with the girls this summer because we didn’t get much of a chance to play since it was raining and wet most of the time we were there.

Ready to start our adventure at the Heidelberg Zoo!

Checking out some impressive sea gulls! We never see those anywhere! 😉

Bug LOVES to write and so we bought her a purple sparkly journal. She brought it with her so she could write about all the animals we were seeing that day.

Our Sweet Princess enjoying all the animals!

More writing!

Had to talk a picture with the flamingos for Grammy!

Feeding the ducks and catfish!

The tiger was definitely the high light of the trip for the girls!

Baby was loving all the animals!

We also loved the HUGE tortoises that they had!

They were getting a little tired and weren’t big fans of the rain! ha At least Baby was happy!

Enjoying the Orangutangs!

If you’d like to see more pictures from our trip you can view the entire album HERE.


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