Lochmuhle Freizeitpark!


This past weekend both Mr. and Bug had a couple extra days off for Memorial Day. We have been so busy lately that it was so nice to have some down time as a family! We also had a few really fun adventures, too. Last year we were introduced to Lochmuhle by some friends of ours and we absolutely fell in love! It is basically a cross between an amusement park, a petting zoo, and a super fun park. As our last year here has been winding down Lochmuhle was definitely high on the list of ‘must do’ before we leave. Originally our plan was to go the day after Lily gets out of school. However, that plan was recently changed because (drum roll please!!) the girls and I are heading back to the states after all for my brother’s wedding and we’ll now be out of town that day. SO, since we had a week day off and knew Lochmuhle wouldn’t be too busy we decided to head back that way again. Some other friends of ours also were able to come along and we had so much fun!! The girls were all asleep in the car within the first five minutes! They played hard and had a blast all day long!

Baby and her buddy riding on a ride together!

Bug had one of her best friends by her side all day and she was loving it! The tea cup was a huge hit!

Lochmuhle is a mix of actual rides and then self or parent powered rides! It is really a unique experience!

All the kids ready for the swing ride!

It was a pretty tame swing ride. You can see a quick video of the Littles riding it HERE. I love their little kicking feet!

Mr. and Princess on the ‘Banana Ride.’

I think one of the favorite rides of all the kids was this particular ride that was dubbed the banana ride.

Bug on one of her 100 rides on the good old banana!

Even Baby took a turn!

You can see a video of Bug riding the Banana Ride HERE.
And a video of Mr. and Princess on the Banana Ride HERE.

Racing down the big slide!

Playing at one of the many parks!

Baby LOVES to swing!

Another favorite ride was this log ride!

It basically just spun really fast in a circle! The girls loved it!

Even our little girls took a spin with Mr. and I and they loved it!

Bug decided to take a ride on this boat ride!

Up she goes! She is SO brave!

Quite possibly the best action shot of all time!

Riding the Ducks!

This little boat ride was a HUGE hit with the Littles. They were on it for the longest time while the big girls went and rode the ferris wheel a dozen times in a row with their Dads!

Happy Baby!

Bumper Car fun!

Even Baby got to take a spin with her Daddy!

Such a silly guy!

Feeding the little deer!

Baby feeding a little, tiny baby goat!

Baby taking me for a ride on a tractor! She’s a great driver! ha

These two love animals!

Silly Princess riding on a tractor!

She sat there for 20 minutes with that one little sheep. The sheep was calling after her when she left. Bug wanted to bring the sheep home with us.

Just a girl in a heaven.

Fun on a big swing!

Bug riding across the park on a paraglide type ride!

Two sweet friends enjoying a great adventure together!

Riding a horse ride!

We also had a lot of fun jumping on trampolines and a big bouncy blog! Completely forgot to snap pictures of video of that!

Another fun ‘ride’ was this parent powered ferris wheel… only in Germany! You can view that video HERE. As the parent you had to pedal really hard and fast to get the ferris wheel to barely move. It was quite the experience!

Another huge favorite of the day was an upside down ride that Mr. dubbed the astronaut training ride! Yes, you read that right. Upside down. Our girls loved it! They all rode it twice and were begging to ride again and again! I think we have some little dare-devils on our hands!
You can see the video of Bug riding with Mr. HERE!
You can see the video of Princess riding with Mr. HERE!
And you can see Baby and I riding together HERE!


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