Bug’s Ballet Recital!


This past school year we have embarked on a new adventure… extracurricular activities! Princess and Baby have done gymnastics all year (and wrap up in three more weeks) and Bug started out the year with Ballet and soccer! About mid way through the year (after soccer was finished) we were able to get Bug into gymnastics, too, which she absolutely loves. In addition to that, her ballet instructor approached us about adding Lily to another one of his more advanced classes so she was taking Ballet I and Ballet III! It was really busy and stressful at times. On Thursdays we had to leave for ballet at 3p and then spent our evening at gymnastics and we weren’t getting home until well after 8p! Sometimes I really wondered what we were thinking!! However, this past weekend as we got to watch our Bug preform at her recital it was all so incredibly worth it! She did fantastic and we are so proud of her!! She has been working so hard and learning so much!

We took some pre-recital photos of our beautiful ballerina!

My sweet girls! The Littles were so excited to finally get to see Bug dance! They have been such troopers waiting around for hours each week while Bug was in her classes!

Bug and her Daddy!

Bug and one of her dear friends!

Bug with her Ballet I class during their performance.

Bug coming out at the beginning of her Ballet III dance!

Bug and her Ballet instructor! He is really talented himself. He’s danced with the companies in New York City, Boston, Paris, and is currently dancing with our local city here in Germany!

You can view the entire album, including a few grainy shots I took on my iPod during the dress rehersal, HERE.

I also got a video of their practice of the Ballet III dance during dress rehearsal that you can view HERE.

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  1. I know I have said this before, but she is a natural & that comes from her grandma who took ballet for years. Even in one of her posed pictures she has her toes pointed out which may be natural for her – that was true for me and I had to concentrate as I got older to point my toes straight ahead when walking down the street. Otherwise I thought I looked like a dork to others. Probably no one else noticed and the ballet teachers seems to like it!!

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