Ehrenbreitstein Festung and Koblenz, Germany!


This past weekend the Hays Family got to set out on a lovely little day adventure to the Koblenz area. Its hard to believe that it has already been two years since we lasted visited! During that trip we visited Kurfürstliches Schloss in Koblenz. Here’s a picture of Mr. and the girls on our last trip:

I think the girls have grown up JUST a little bit in the past two years.

If you’d like to see more from our first trip to Koblenz two years ago you can view that album HERE.

Ever since our first visit there we knew that we wanted to go back! So we finally did!

The first stop on our adventure on Saturday was to a town called Höhr-Grenzhausen. This town is a smaller one located just north of Koblenz. The draw to this town is it’s pottery. I am not a big collector of things, however, I have made it my mission this year to collect pieces from pottery from various countries. We have plans to visit pottery towns in France, Holland, and Poland later this travel season and I decided I just had to have a piece from Germany, too. This collection was all set off well over a decade ago when my Dad got me a few pieces of pottery from Romania on his mission trips there. The German pottery produce in Höhr-Grenzhausen is especially special because it is hand made, but not only is it just handmade it is handmade using practices that have been handed down since the Middle Ages. Another unique quality about this pottery is that it is salt glazed. This salt glaze is responsible for the grey and blue hues of this pottery. There is a Ceramics museums in Höhr-Grenzhausen, however, with three little kids in tow we opted not to visit. Instead, we just found a local shop and spent some time browsing before picking out pieces:

The bowl to the left is a large serving bowl and the writing translates to ‘potato salad.’ I opted for a serving bowl with German writing because I felt like it was just a great reminder of where it came from. While this bowl will probably be used for more than potato salad we happen to love German Potato Salad and I am sure a great deal of batches will be served proudly from this bowl. In the middle is a utensil holder and the writing translates roughly to ‘wooden spoon holder.’ And lastly the pitcher on the right will most likely be used as a flower vase.

After shopping we were off to our next stop: Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. This fortress was built in the early 1800’s across the Rhein from the town of Koblenz. It was an important location to protect for the then Prussian Empire because it is at this location that the Rhein and Mosel rivers meet.

Hays girls inside the big, protective walls of the fortress.

Daddy and his three little explorers following after…

A view of where the Mosel spills into the Rhein. This is known at Deutsches Eck or German Corner. The statue in the plaza below is of Wilhelm I.

Views out across the Rhein and into Koblenz.

Taking in the beautiful views. There is never a bad view on the Rhein or Mosel!

There was so much to do within Ehrenbreitstein Festung! There were several museums and even a cafe area! Again, we opted out of the museums. Someday when our children are wealthy they will send us back to Europe so we can go through all these museums we missed, right?

After exploring the fortress we headed out to take a ride on the Cable Car, or Seilbahn, across the Rhein to Koblenz.

Outside of Ehrenbreitstein Festung there is a huge grassy park area and one of the best kid’s playgrounds we’ve ever been to! More on that later though! Here is Bug painfully posing with the pretty tulips and the sun in her eyes!

Ready for our ride on the Seilbahn!

Princess loved the ride!

Beautiful views on our way down to Koblenz!

Our first stop in Koblenz was the beautiful St. Castor’s Basilica. Fun fact, the difference between a basilica and a cathedral is that a cathedral has been the ‘seat’ of an arch bishop while a basilica has not.

St. Castor’s Basilica is the oldest church in Koblenz. It dates back to the early 800’s!

It is also surrounded by a beautiful garden!

As we continued on our journey was stumbled across this pretty amazing statue. Arguably one of the coolest we have ever come across!

Tis the season for gelato! Fa la la la la la la la la!

Just hanging out at Deutches Eck enjoying some Eis!

Baby is adorable! Especially when she’s got Eis!

She is clearly a Hays! Only a Hays gets so excited for ice cream! 😉

Mr. and Bug up in the monument! (Hint: They are in the middle opening!)

And there they are at the top right under Wilhelm I!

A view of Ehrenbreitstein Festung from across the Rhein!

Heading back across the river!

Our little wanderer!

So, as I mentioned before in the area outside of Ehrenbreitstein Festung there is an amazing park. So amazing, in fact, that I know I’ll be making the hour or so drive back at least a couple more times this summer with the girls! They had a blast!

Nothing beats a double swing!!

Synchronized swinging!

Princess LOVES going fast on the swings!

Off the go!

Just a small part of the park (where the insanely scary slides were!). There were also the swings, in-ground trampolines, rock climbing, and much much more! I’m already planning our trip back with a nice big blanket, picnic food, and hopefully some friends!

It was such a great little adventure! We had hoped to see a few more castles in the Koblenz area that run along the Rhein, but we ran out of time! Just means that we will have to go back again another weekend!

To see more of our adventure you can view the entire album HERE.






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