April 2015


I can’t believe that May is already here! April seemed to fly by. Although, when I stop to think about some of the things we did at the beginning of the month it seems like they happened such a long time ago! We have another fun-filled month coming up in May! So while we really enjoyed our time in April, we are ready for some more adventures!

Some of our highlights from April include going to Amsterdam and Keukenhof Gardens, Mr.’s Birthday and Easter, Spring Break, TWO trips to the Fasanerie (free zoo), Mr. took a solo trip to Dublin, Ireland, Bug had her Kindergarten Program, and we were able to visit Reims and Disneyland in France!

Such a happy Baby!

Sweet sisters!

Goofy girls!

I’d say she looks very relaxed!

Over Spring Break we had SO much fun playing with friends! This particular day we even got to share a picnic lunch with them!

Baby loves to swing!

And so does Princess!

So happy together!

Such a pretty Princess!

Enjoying the sunshine!

So much happiness came from this free BK crown!

Bug made this the other day! It is her version of the American flag!

Enjoying a sweet treat while we wait to pick up Mr. from the airport!

We love to play outside!

Pretty girls!

Starbucks dates are the best!

Baby was a BIG helper carrying in the groceries!

Bug LOVES to dress up fancy for school!

Just before we told them that we were about to leave for Disneyland!




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