Reims, France!


The Hays family recently trekked to Paris! Well, sort of! We went to Disneyland Paris! It was a complete surprise to the girls which was a ton of fun. More on that later though! The drive to Paris is a semi-long one. One thing I have been trying to do with our travels lately is to break up the driving with interesting things to do and see along the way. It also helps us to squeeze in more sights as our time here in Europe is quickly coming to a close. As I was planning our trip to Paris the city of Reims, France caught my attention. We love cathedrals and this one did not disappoint!

The city of Reims dates back to Roman times and as early as 80 BC. The cathedral in Reims, or Notre Dame de Reims, has an exceptionally interesting history as well. It was constructed originally in the 1200’s, but it has been found that it was built upon and similarly to a church that was built in the 400’s. Unfortunately this particular cathedral sustained a lot of damage during times of war, but it has been rebuilt and is incredibly beautiful! King Henry I of France and Anne Kiev were married in this cathedral and many, many French King Coronations took place here as well!

Stretching our legs, taking a potty break, and enjoying the French countryside!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day!

The girls enjoying a picnic lunch in front of the Reims Cathedral!

Notre Dame de Reims!

The detail was amazing!

I was a huge fan of the stained glass windows. The colors were so beautiful!

Two little girls and one giant cathedral!

Our happy little explorers!

A model of the Cathedral.

All the arch ways were pretty intriguing, too!

Such a beautiful pit stop on our way to Paris! 🙂

To see more pictures from Reims, France you can view the entire album HERE.


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