Disneyland Paris — Day Two!


After a super fun first day exploring Reims and the Mickey’s Village at Disneyland it was finally time to actually go in! The girls could not wait!

Here we go!

Again. We were so excited we had to take pictures of everything!!

We started out at Walt Disney Studios part of the park. It is pretty small, but we had a lot of fun there! For some reason they let us in early (even though we didn’t think we could go in for Magic Hours) and we got to ride a bunch of the rides with out there being many lines!

We found Boo’s door! Bug was rather disappointed they didn’t feature her favorite monster, Randall, though.

First ride of the day : The Magic Carpet Ride! The girls LOVED it.

While Mr. And Bug went on some bigger kid rides the Littles and I rode on Slinky! According to Princess: Slinky was not fast enough! I think we have some dare-devil girls on our hands!

Mr. took all three girls on Slinky again!

We didn’t ever actually make it into Paris, but this is a pretty cool pretend version, right?

While we waited for the Stitch Live Show to start the girls entertained themselves with stroller races!

Stitch Live was a huge highlight for Bug. She got called out of the crowd to participate and it was so fun for her! Apparently her monkey impression was rather stellar so Stitch asked her to pose with her monkey face so he could take a picture! Afterwards he ended up eating his camera to keep her picture nice and close to his heart. The girls were cracking up about it!

After the Stitch Show we headed to lunch…. with… drum roll please…


We opted to do character meals for several reasons. One, we had heard that characters aren’t really out and about at Disney Paris and we wanted to make sure our girls got to see some of them. Also, we didn’t want to spend half our (only) day waiting in line to meet characters. And lastly, food is expensive everywhere in Disney so we figured why not enjoy some fun company with our expensive food! It was totally worth it! The girls had so much fun meeting the characters… even though Princess informed us all that they weren’t real. ha ha Too smart!

Goofy! Notice Baby is not in any of the photos. She was utterly terrified.

Hiding with the protection of her brave, strong Daddy.

They got to meet Chip and Dale which was SO perfect because Bug is obsessed with Rescue Rangers!

He tried to make friends by teasing Baby about her stinky shoes. Baby was not amused.

After lunch it was time for the main park!

RIGHT when we walked in we stumbled upon this super fun Spring parade!

Bug and Cinderella’s Castle!

I forced Bug to go on the Haunted Mansion ride with me. She cried through the whole thing. Best. Mom. Ever.

Climbing up into the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House!

We got to ride a lot of the rides we really wanted the girls to ride (and that we really wanted to too) and it was so fun! They actually all really enjoyed The Pirates of the Caribbean ride! The tea cups were Baby’s favorite, I think! The carousel was obviously a favorite as well! I think one that we all really enjoyed, though, was the Small World Ride!

Ready to go!

Just a selfie with my handsome Mr. on Small World!

The girls enjoying Small World!

Seriously beautiful on such a beautiful day! The weather forecast has called for clouds and rain, but it was blue and sunny ALL day!

Carousel fun!

Later on in the day we stumbled upon ANOTHER super cool parade!

The fairies!

Cinderella and Prince Charming!


Snow White!


Oh, Flynn Rider!

Alice in Wonderland!

Toy Story!

Lion King!

Peter Pan!

Mary Poppins!

Minnie and Donald!


After the parade it was just about time for our dinner! So, that meant our girls needed to be turned into princesses themselves!

Princess Belle!

Cinderella and Elsa!

Cinderella’s mice friends were there to welcome us to dinner!

We got to watch Cinderella and Prince Charming dance!

Ariel did a dance for us too!

And Snow White!

The girls not only got to MEET the princesses, but each princess took a good 5-10 minutes with the girls to just talk with them. The girls were on cloud nine! Here they are with Princess Ariel!

Princess had BIG smooches for all the princesses!

SUCH a happy mom moment after Baby was terrified of all the other characters all day! She LOVED the princesses! So sweet!

Princess sat with Snow White (right in her face) like this for a solid five minutes and Snow White was sweet enough to indulge her! I had one happy three year old!

One of my favorites from the day.

The girls and Snow White!

That finger is a signature Princess thing these days. When she gets REALLY excited about telling you something that little pointer finger pops up! Adorable!

While we watched them dance again Ariel sat with and held Baby’s hand! She was so happy about that!

The girls with Cinderella and Prince Charming!

After a LONG day at Disney (we were there a solid 11 hours!!) it was time to head home! But not before the girls picked a souvenir! Bug picked a set of Stitch toys, Princess picked a Lady stuffed animal, and Baby picked a Stitch stuffed animal.

If you would like to see more pictures from our time at DisneyLand you can view the entire album HERE.

We had so much fun on this trip! I wish we had had more time to spend there! We definitely could have done another day in Disney! We didn’t even finish seeing all of the main park! It was really nothing short of magical.


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  1. How exciting! Glad you guys had a fantastic time!! So jealous about the princesses! R wouldn’t have gone for that so much. šŸ™‚ OH – and don’t worry, we made R sit through the Haunted Mansion too. Any ride after that that had an “intro” he FREAKED out about.

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