Disneyland Paris — Day One!


Completely last minute we decided to surprise the girls with a trip to Disneyland Paris!! It was so hard to keep the secret, but it was well worth it. We had beat around the idea of going for quite a while. We thought that for how expensive it is it would be a waste of precious travel time and resources. However, we ultimately decided that since it is only about a 4 1/2 hour drive away, cheaper than the stateside version, and our girls are prime age we really needed to go. Add in a great deal on a hotel and Disney tickets and we hit the road!

The morning before we headed out we decided to tell the girls just where exactly we were going. You can few the video of their sweet, surprised faces HERE.

After spending a day driving and making a pit stop in Reims we finally arrived at our hotel in the afternoon. We were kind of unsure of what to do with our day and so we ultimately decided to go check out the non-ticketed area at Disney. It was such a great idea! We had a blast!

Our hotel had a circus theme. The girls were especially excited because they got to sleep in bunk beds!

So excited to be at Disneyland!

Mickey’s Village! They had a lot of shops, restaurants, and even a movie theater!

We were so excited we had to take pictures with everything!!

One of the major highlights of our first day was the Lego Store!

They had building areas with LOTS of legos. We spent a good hour in this store and the girls loved creating things. Gotta love free fun!

There was even a little kid station!

We browsed a bunch of the shops and got some fun ideas. We told the girls that they could pick ONE thing to buy, but that we weren’t going to buy anything until the end of our second day so they had plenty of time to get ideas and make their choice. Consequently we heard many different ideas of what they wanted through out the next day and a half….

We found this AWESOME hats for our hyena loving girls. They were way over priced so we settled for a picture!

For dinner we decided on the Rain Forest Cafe!

We got to sit right next to the big elephant which the older two girls thought was especially awesome. Baby, though, was completely terrified and spent much of the dinner covering her ears.

After dinner we headed back to our hotel for a swim! It had a super cool kiddie pool area… with a slide! The girls had SO much fun!

To see more pictures from our first day at Disneyland you can view the entire album HERE.

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