Bug’s Kindergarten Program!


Last week we had a first for the Hays Family — one of our members was in a musical at school! That would be our big star, Bug! It was so much fun! They started working on the songs the first week of school and we have heard them over and over this school year. It was really great to see it all put together!

Bug got a part in the musical less than a week before hand since another student wasn’t able to do it. I was a little worried since she has never done anything like that before, but she did great! She had her part memorized within the day and then proceeded to recite it to anyone and everyone that would listen! She really loved it! Maybe we have a future actress on our hands?!

Our very adorable ‘Deer #4’!

Up on stage ready for the big show to begin!

Waiting patiently to recite her part!

You can also view a video I took of part of one of their songs HERE.

And you can view a video of her doing her speaking part HERE.

We are so proud of our Bug!

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  1. Oh my, those videos were too cute. Don’t know if you heard (maybe a million times) that I was in every play or musical production all through school. I thought I was going to be a great actress someday!!! Can’t wait skype & talk to Lily about her debut.

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