Easter 2015!


As I was uploading pictures from our most recent trip I realized that I had never uploaded the Easter pictures nor blogged about it! Better late than never, right? To be perfectly honest we’ve just been having way to much fun lately I haven’t even had time to stop and think about blogging. The weather has been amazing and I think we have practically lived outside! We even ate dinner outside for the first time this year last week! On the down side, I’ve suddenly developed insane seasonal allergies. Never had them before in my life and all of a sudden… Boom! I’m slowly getting better. At least now my eyes aren’t insanely swollen and red and itchy. I’m still congested, but I will gladly suffer through this congestion compared to pure torture my eyes gave me recently. Enough about me, though, lets get on to Easter!

This year Easter was a little extra special because it fell on Mr.’s birthday!! Last year we had looked into doing a leg of lamb for Easter and received a bit of sticker shock. This year, though, the shock was a little less and since we were celebrating both Easter and Mr.’s birthday we decided to give it a go. SO glad we did. It turned out amazing. I don’t know that we’ll ever be able to settled for an Easter Ham again!

Our day was mostly a relaxing one. We didn’t do anything insanely crazy. Peter Cottontail did leave a bunch of goodies for the girls, though, which they appreciated very much so! This year he was kind enough to bring some fun educational things like puzzles and work books that proved to be very useful since the following week was Spring Break!

I decided to introduce the girls to the glorious world of Peeps this year. And not just any peeps. Purple peeps. Unfortunately they don’t share my love for the adorable, delicious little critters. And since you can only eat them fresh and I didn’t want the poor, sweet little chicks to go to waste I consumed one too many of my little friends this past Easter. Note to self: In the future only buy the girls Easter Candy you yourself don’t like.

Baby checking out her loot!

Ready to hunt down all the eggs! This was the first year that all three girls could really hunt by themselves! It was a lot of fun!

We were playing ‘egg hunt’ for days afterwards… I’m still finding random eggs around the house that have been long forgotten about!

All in all it was a great, relaxing day! We are really looking forward to next Easter, though, when we will hopefully be celebrating with our extended family!!

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