Tulip Festival in Keukenhof, Netherlands!


One of my bucket list items since we moved to Europe has been to visit the Tulip Festival. I have heard such great things about it. I think we went a tad early in the season because things weren’t fully bloomed yet, but it was still a very lovely place. Unfortunately the great weather we had while in Amsterdam didn’t hold out for us on the day we went to the garden. It was pretty cold and rainy which definitely was a bummer. And to top it off, poor Baby just was not feeling well. (It wouldn’t be a travel excursion if one of my kids didn’t get sick, right?) We didn’t end up staying very long, but we definitely enjoyed the time we did have there.

Ready to explore the gardens!

Such a happy girl!

You know our sweet Baby isn’t feeling good if she wants to be carried everywhere. Normally she embraces her freedom to run and explore.

One of my very favorites from the day!

Poor Baby.

It was such a beautiful place. 🙂 I am so glad that we got to see it even if our time got cut a little short.
To see more of our adventure you can view the entire album HERE.


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  1. Another beautiful place – too bad the tulips were not quite out. It has be so warm here that my neighbors tulips have bloomed and died. It was nice to see so many different things blooming so early. Everyone worried about a late cold snap but so far so good.

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