Amsterdam, Netherlands!


We took a spur of the moment trip to Amsterdam recently and had a blast! I have a super awesome friend who previously lived there and gave me loads of ideas. So many, in fact, that we are going to have to make a second trip back in August. Not kidding. I already re-booked our same hotel again (it was awesome). Not to mention that we simply loved Amsterdam and Holland (more on Holland in another post!).

Finally made it to Amsterdam and taking in the MuseumPlein!

We really lucked out on our day in Amsterdam! The weather report called for 80% rain, but we had nice weather the majority of the day! We only got a few sprinkles when we were waiting to catch the tram back to our car at the end of the day!

Pretty girl in a pretty city! Bug was such an awesome traveler this trip! We walked a solid 5 miles within Amsterdam that day and she did it all with out much complaint!

In true Hays fashion one of our ‘stops’ was Westerkerk. For once, though, our church of choice was a Protestant one! This church was built in the 1600’s and was the first in the city built specifically for protestants. It is the largest protestant church in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately we got into Amsterdam a bit later than we had planned. There were a few hiccups on our way in. So, our sight seeing plan was a tad thrown off. We really didn’t end up having as much time as we wanted and needed! (Part of the reason we are going back!) We ended up walking by a few sights before eating lunch.

Our first stop after lunch was the wax museum! This was a huge hit with the girls! I don’t think they really knew who a lot of the statues were, but they still loved taking pictures with them all!

Bug’s expression while posing with Lenin is perfect. ha ha

Royal Bug with some Dutch royalty.

What girl in my age bracket doesn’t love Princess Di?

Me and my favorite James Bond. 🙂

Bug had no idea who this was she just wanted to sit on the comfy couch after all our walking!

They could totally pass for Brad and Angelina’s kids, right? 😉


What a hunk. Stickin’ up Bond.

Seriously. Someday after I actually let her watch this movie I will re-show her this picture and instantly be the coolest. mom. ever.

Ha ha Princess wasn’t so sure about all that air blowing in her face!

And this, right here, is why we came. Our kids were SO stoked about Shrek and Fionna!

Cutest little ogre ever!

We met Oprah! But we didn’t get a car. Sad! 😉

The Hays girls just holding down the Oval Office for President Obama.

The Pope!

The closest we got to Anne Frank this trip! We did walk by her house, but the line was a month long. Maybe next time!

Someday when we read Anne Frank’s diary I’ll yet again be the coolest Mom ever. You’ve met her, Bug. Well, the wax version of her anyway!

Wir lieben Deutschland!

Such an amazing view of the city!

The girls were ecstatic to see the King. (Thank you Lilo & Stitch for giving my girls a deep appreciation of Elvis!)


Bug was pretty excited about this one! She just finished learning about Picasso in art class at school!

Oh, hey Mona… how’s it going.

Da Vinci won’t mind our cute additions to his painting, will he?

Beckham can’t keep up with our Bug!

Did you know Mr.  secretly rode in the Tour de France while we lived here? Me either.

The Biebs!

After the museum we explored the city a bit more! We ended up finding the flower market with all the flowers and bulbs! So much fun!

Just taking a stroll in Amsterdam.

We had a little time to kill before dinner and so we visited Vondel Park!

Chasing pigeons… one of our favorite things to do.

Definitely my favorite of the day!

And to cap off our (long) day we had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe — another tradition of the Hays Family! We added another glass to our collection and enjoyed a beautiful view with our dinner!


For more on our trip to Amsterdam you can view the entire album HERE. Stay tuned for the Tulip Festival!


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  1. beautiful, if you had to pick one place to go to what would it be? Lloyd and I have up to an 8 hour lay over in Amsterdam (on our way to Cardiff, Wales) and would consider if possible leaving the airport and going to see something! Blessings Barb Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2015 11:57:41 +0000 To:

    • Hi Barb! Picking one place would be tough! If you are interested the Anne Frank House might be fun, however, you’d definitely have to get tickets online ahead of time. The line can be crazy long and doesn’t move very fast. Honestly, I’d say to just head into Amsterdam and walk around! All the canals and architecture are beautiful! You can do a canal cruise that is a little hour or so long boat ride around the canals that would give you a good idea. There is also a lot of Museums if that interests you! The Van Gogh Museum looked great. We really enjoyed the Wax Museum too! The flower market was nice to walk through as well! I picked up a few bags of bulbs. 🙂 However, just fyi, they only sell the bulbs that you could bring back to the states with you (custom form attached) in July and August. Here is a link that gives a lot of great ideas for getting from the airport to the city and vice versa:

      I’d say with 8 hours you could comfortable have enough time to trek into town and at least walk around and stretch your legs for a bit before heading back. The airport is pretty close to the city. 🙂 Enjoy!

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