March 2015!


March was a long month, but we had a lot of fun! Thankfully we were much healthier this month than we had been in January and February. Even more exciting, though, is that our temperatures around here finally started to warm up and we got to enjoy some beautiful sunshine! It has been so nice to get outside and burn off some energy. Not to mention that it has been great seeing all our friends who we barely saw all winter due to sickness and hibernation! I have to say, I think one of my favorite things about my job as a Mom is getting to visit with and be encouraged by other Moms at the park all while watching my girls make friends, get exercise, and just have fun! It is so great!

After a long, cold winter we finally got to go on a few adventures as well! We did a day trip to Frieburg, Germany and Colmar, France. If you missed any of those adventures you can catch up on those by clicking the links. And we also visited Luxembourg City and the Luxembourg Military Cemetery. We have some BIG adventures planned for this coming April and I cannot wait to head out on them!!

We also just had a lot of good old fashioned fun! The girls always keep us on our toes! We are so blessed to be their parents. Honestly, we are! There are days they drive me absolutely crazy, but I wouldn’t trade them in for the world. They are so much fun!

With the arrival of warmer, sunnier weather we decided it was time to invest in some bikes for the girls. Bike riding just seems, to me, like one of those skills my kids have to have. They have been having so much fun with their new bikes. Almost daily (when weather permits) Princess and Baby want to ride their bikes to the park in the morning while Bug is at school! So fun!

Princess trying out her new ‘Frozen’ bike for the first time!

They have such a sweet, patient Daddy!

Bug got a ‘Hello Kitty’ bike. Her helmet is also extremely exciting for her. Yes, she loves cats. But more than that she FINALLY got a helmet just like the one that a neighbor girl who she absolutely adores has. She has been wanting to match her helmet for a long time!

Baby is rocking the tricycle for now. I think Santa might bring her a bigger bike for next Spring. She has no problem keeping up (and often beating) with her sisters! In fact, generally when she is riding she is singing the ABC song or yelling “Faster! Faster!” On another note, she will never be getting her driver’s license.

Officially 5 1/2 and looking WAY too grown up!

The Hays girls ready to head out for some shopping with their purses. Grammy and Papa have started sending them money for various holidays. They love it! They love taking their cute purses to the store, picking something out, and paying for it on all their own. (The cashiers also love processing our million transactions!) Its also been a great way to teach them about money and saving up for things you really want. Bug is currently saving up for some Lego Movie lego sets!

Ah. She is so stinkin’ cute with her purse. This purse she has is one that was mine when I was little. Thank you Mom for saving so much fun stuff!

Ready for another great day of Kindergarten!

Princess and her favorite book (this month anyway!) ‘Another  Monster at the End of this Book!’

This girl. She is my little buddy! Sometimes I would prefer a personal space bubble, but I know the days of her always wanting to hold my hand and spend time with me are going to be over before I’m ready so I’m doing my best to savor them for now!

This is from a while ago and I kept forgetting to take a picture! Bug made this at school for me! Definitely my favorite piece of art now!

So this picture. For about a week or so I was searching high and low for a missing puzzle. Princess and I had done it together one morning. It comes in a set that is stored in a box. Later that afternoon she brought out the box, but this puzzle was missing. I figured it was already done elsewhere in the house. I went through every nook and cranny of our house. It was driving me MAD. How does a full puzzle go missing. I never came across a single piece. I had decided it must have accidentally gotten thrown away or recycled or something. I had even checked under part of this rug. I never thought to check the middle because, really, I’d be able to feel it if I stepped on it right? I guess not! I found it somehow under the rug IN THE MIDDLE. How it got there I’ll never know. I’m just happier to be a little more sane these days.

The girls and I have been doing some ‘school’ lately. Mostly kid-led. One day they decided they wanted to learn about the letter ‘D’ so we made homemade doughnuts!

Enjoying their doughnuts we made!

Baby doing some letter ‘D’ do-a-dot stickers!

Having fun doing school! She loves to learn!

After a long day Princess fell asleep sitting up on the couch while I was reading her and Bug a story.

After putting Princess in bed I walked in and found Baby had also crashed on Daddy.

Grammy and Papa sent them new matching fleece jackets! Thank you!

Oh my! Baby is a shoe-girl! These are Bug’s brand new tennis shoes and Baby couldn’t wait to try them out. She has a closet full of shoes and is constantly sneaking her sister’s shoes and trying to wear them despite them being too big for her! Must take after her Uncle Jordan!

Heading out on a bike ride after school to the park. It ended up going horribly, but hey, lets just remember this sweet moment of all the girls riding along happily.

So happy to be outside riding her bike!

As I was getting ready in my bathroom one morning I looked over to see this. ha ha Oh Baby. When you’re hungry you’re hungry! At least it was an apple this time and not the tub of sugar!

We have really been enjoying playing board games together as a family lately! This one happens to be a favorite I think! Sequence For Kids! Although I think the girls prefer picking their favorite animals over actually getting a sequence.

Fun at the park!

Getting ready for some play time after the park after riding her bike all the way there!

Such a happy girl!

A new treasure for our home! The man who made this hand draws, hand carves, and hand paints! A lot of the ones we see around in tourist shops are just stamped onto the wood! We fell in love with this one since it is Dom Zu Mainz… a beautiful Cathedral in the next town over!

The other day I decided to be brave and take the girls to the local German mall. I bribed them with a special treat at Starbucks if they behaved. They’ve never been to one before (I know, NW Mom fail!). Needless to say after having a Strawberry Frap they think we should have weekly trips. I think that sounds like a great idea! Side note: I love that since so much is banned here in Germany compared to the states the Strawberry Frap was actually mostly white compared to the Pepto Bismal pink in the states. Kind of ruined my ‘special pink drink’ promise but they were fine once they tasted it.

Momma and Baby at Starbs. She helped me drink my Chai Tea Latte, too. She is a tea-lover like her Mama!

Such a big drink for such a little girl! Good thing she shared with Babyand brought some home to share with Bug! ha ha

Bug rarely lets me do anything with her hair. The other day, though, she asked me if she could have her hair done like mine. ha ha I guess Mommy should do more than a pony tail with her hair from time to time.

The girls love playing hide and go seek at the park. Baby is a really good hider… ha ha

I obviously can’t see her because her eyes are closed! Duh!

I just want to cover her face in kisses!! Seriously, though, I think the good Lord made this face so adorable to help balance out her mischevious ways! Its impossible to stay made at that adorable face for more than a milisecond!

And our princess. 🙂

As we were getting ready to head out for a bike ride to the park I put on my sunglasses and Baby ran off saying she needed her glasses too! This is what she came back wearing. ha ha

My little mischeif seeking buddy. I was mopping the other day. She would patiently wait next to me while I did an area and then as soon as I was done she’d run all over it. ha ha so much for clean floor. I tried.

The girls got all dressed up for the royal ball! 🙂

Even with a silly face on she is a cutie-pie!

To say our days are full of laughter is an understatement!

Baby rocking the back pack I took to school in Kindergarten. Again, thank you Mom for keeping everything. ha ha Also. Baby looks WAY too old in this picture. Can’t believe she is already 2.5!

This face KILLS me. If you look through all the photos we have of Mr. as a kid he is smiling just. like. this. in 98% of them. Oh man. She’s definitely her Daddy’s girl!

This past school year Bug has been taking ballet. About half way through the year her teacher approached me about Bug’s natural ability and wanting to add her to another, more advanced class. We were a little unsure about it, but Bug seemed eager and really enjoys ballet and so we went for it! It has made our schedules a bit chaotic at times! On Thursday evenings we have Bug’s ballet for 1.5 hours, the Littles’ have Gymnastics for 45 minutes, and Bug has Gymnastics for 1 hours. And there is only a 1 hour break in between the latter two! It makes for a long evening! It has really been fun though! This past week I got to watch Bug’s more advanced ballet class. It was so much fun! She has really learned a lot this year! You can catch the videos of her in class HERE as well as other videos (I think there are some older ones from Gymanstics there too!).

This girl LOVES to do the splits! She can go all the way down in both directions!

What a great month! I am really looking forward to all that April has in store for us!




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