Luxembourg City, Luxembourg!


This past weekend, thanks to some extra time off, we got to take another trip back to Luxembourg. It was the first country in Europe (outside of Germany) that we visited last year. It is such a beautiful place. In fact, it might be my favorite country we’ve visited. I just love it to pieces! We decided to head back because there were a few things that we didn’t get to see during our first visit. Last time we visited we spent some time in Luxembourg City, taking in the Esch-Sur-Sûre, and at Chateau Vianden. While we did see the Bock and Casemates last time we visited we weren’t able to go inside of them. So a big part of this trip was centered around doing that. The other thing we felt we missed out on was that we hadn’t visited the American Military Cemetery. This particular cemetery is special because it is where General Patton is buried. The Cemetery will get its own post later on, though. For now, I’ll just share our time in Luxembourg City.

The Casemates in Luxembourg were built to help defend the castle that was once in Luxembourg City. The original construction began in the 1600’s! It is basically a series of man made caves in a cliff side. It is said that at their peak (only about half of the Casemates are still intact today) they could shelter up to 35,000 people if need be! Some of the areas within the Casemates were used as the castle prison while others were used for military purposes. There is even a section we toured that was once an underground ‘secret’ passage into the castle to be used if the castle’s bridge had been taken out.

A view of part of the Castemates from the outside. The bridge to the left is what would have been the bridge into the Castle.

Ready to explore the Casemates.

Our little explorers inside and ready to go!

One of the old military-purposed rooms with a cannon pointing out to defend the castle.

The girls taking in the views.

Trying to scare Mommy!

Because it wouldn’t be a day exploring Europe with out a spiral staircase!

Heading out of the Casemates on what would’ve been the Castle bridge with a view of the Grund behind them!

Another view of the Casemates from the outside.

A little pooped from all that cave exploring!

Abbey de Neumunster.

A view of the Casemates stretching through out the cliff.

Down in the Grund at a local bakery enjoying an afternoon snack!

Bug chose an eclair and LOVED it. Admittedly, it was the best eclair I’ve ever tasted in my life! We were all a bit jealous!

And of all the treats in the bakery these two weirdos asked for yogurt.

Beautiful day down in The Grund.

Daddy and his girls down in the Grund.

Notre Dame Cathedral of Luxembourg.

A view of The Grund from above.

Sweet sisters posing with The Grund and Abbey Neumunster behind them.

I love exploring the world with these three little adventurers!

If you’d like to see more from our time in Luxembourg City you can view the entire album HERE.

Also, don’t forget to check the links above of what we visited last time we were in Luxembourg. Chateau Vianden remains one of my favorite castles! It is so beautiful and super fun to explore!

Chateau Vianden… pretty breath taking right? Luxembourg is an extremely beautiful country to drive around!



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  1. I love that your girls are such troopers. So many kids would hesitate at things like the tunnels etc. I credit you and Andy with that. I see why you love that area.

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