Colmar, France!


As I mentioned in my post about Freiburg, Germany our travel plans for this coming year mostly revolve around Germany. However, we do plan to visit a few places outside of Germany especially when they are nearby a place within Germany that we are already heading to. I’ve heard amazing things about how pretty Colmar is! I mean, after all, it is in the Alsace region of France! Freiburg and Colmar are only about a 45 minute drive apart. Since we knew we would have great weather we decided it would be a great time to see both!

I didn’t really have a plan of what to see in Colmar. I just knew it was pretty. So we just planned to walk around and maybe grab an early dinner before driving back home. Our plan slightly back fired when we discovered that none of the restaurants in Colmar opened until 6p. We wanted to hit the road before that. So we ended up heading out around 5:30 and planned to grab food on the way home. You only ever see a McDonalds when you don’t need one right? Over a hour and a half later we finally found food. I guess we should’ve just waited to eat in Colmar, huh? Lesson learned.

Despite our adventures getting home from Colmar (which also included needing gas badly and ending up at a closed gas station) our time spent there was so much fun. This is the first trip we’ve taken where we haven’t used strollers at all! It has been so much fun to let the girls run around and explore Europe on their own two feet! Not to mention that Mr. and I do not miss trying to push strollers all over on the cobblestone roads.

Beautiful. Simple as that.

I think this just might be my favorite picture from the day.

Part of the University.

The Cathedral in Colmar. It looked incredible. We were so tempted to go explore it, but after having spent a while at the one in Freiburg we opted not to take our antsy girls in.

A theme for the Alsace region is the stork. They are everywhere!

Sweet sisters!

I’m sorry I can’t tell you more about Colmar. I am sure there is loads of history and cool facts. Truth be told. I picked Colmar because it looked pretty. Can you blame me?

Its a rough life to be two and exploring France…

They were super happy that all the walking was over and we were heading to the park! Princess instantly made some French friends at the play ground! There is no language barrier when it comes to fun!

It was such a big, beautiful park. Lots of walking paths, fountains, open grass, a play ground, and benches to rest and enjoy a beautiful day!

Since the restaurants weren’t serving food yet, we had had an earlier lunch, and Lily had thrown up everything she had eaten that day we decided we needed a little snack to hold us over until dinner. We decided to stop in at a local Pastisserie shop that had enticed us with it’s delicious smells when we first arrived in Colmar. Best. Decision. Ever. We were all treated to a free sample (the sample was a WHOLE cookie/treat). Score! Of course, we couldn’t leave with out buying something too!

Bug with one of our choices… Chocolate Macaroon! These weren’t as big of hits with the girls, but I loved them to pieces! Two of my favorite things… Coconut and Chocolate! Did I mention they were still warm?

And we couldn’t leave France with out trying some French Macarons! These were a huge hit with the girls. I have to admit, I loved these too!

Princess enjoying the Blueberry version! These were fresh made in the Patisserie that we bought them from. They were SO good.

Bug with a lemon Macaron! They other two flavors were Vanilla and Rhubarb! YUM!

If you would like to see a few other photos from our trip to Colmar you can view the entire album HERE.

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