Freiburg, Germany!


After a winter of hibernation we have been itching to get out traveling as of late. After much discussion about what to do with our last year here in Europe we’ve decided to do lots of smaller trips that are mostly within Germany. We spent our entire first year exploring Germany and we really enjoyed it! There are still so many places left here that we want to see. And as cool as seeing places like Greece would be, we decided that since Germany is currently our home it was more important to us to see as many nooks and crannies of it as we possibly can! So prepare yourselves for lots of pictures of cathedrals, castles, half timbered houses, and just flat out beautiful places! 🙂

Our first travel venture of the year was to Freiburg, Germany! Andy had a long weekend and the weather was supposed to be gorgeous so we decided to head towards Freiburg and also see Colmar, France which is just right across the border. More of that venture later!

Our adventure started out just like so many of our adventures do… with barf. No joke. I can’t remember the last time that we went on a road trip and someone didn’t throw up. I am honestly beginning to think that throwing up all over Europe is just Bug’s way to leave her mark on the world. Needless to say, we made an unexpected stop at a rest stop to get cleaned up. It ended up having a fun little park and we decided it was a good place to stop for lunch and play!

Nothing quite like playing at a park about 100 meters away from the Autobahn where cars as whizzing by at 150 kmph.

The big ‘sight to see’ in Freiburg for us was the Freiburger Münster. If you haven’t noticed, we are kind of cathedral junkies. We love them to pieces. They are just so beautiful and in many instances really, really old. This cathedral was built in the middle ages. Construction began around 1200. The tower is extra special because it is the only one built in the middle ages that is still standing in Germany today! It miraculous survived all the air raids in World War Two! Another special part of this Cathedral are the bells up in the tower. The oldest (and one of the largest) bell called Hosanna dates back to the year 1258!

This tower is about 380 feet tall! Keep that in mind…

The architecture is a mix of Romanesque and Gothic style.

Inside this beautiful cathedral.

We happened upon an organ concert while we were there. It was really cool to teach the girls about how it was like a piano, but all the pipes were located all around the church! Talk about surround sound! The girls had fun trying to ‘spy’ the different pipes.

During WW2 they removed the stain glass windows to help preserve them. These are all originals and fully intact. Did I mention they were absolutely breath taking?!?

Our curious little explorer inside the Cathedral. She has really grown up a lot since last year! She asks so many more questions about what she is seeing and understands so much more. It is going to be a fun summer!

One of the connections Bug made was about all the statues of Saints around the Cathedral. She just learned about St. Patrick because of the holiday. So she wanted to walk around and know who all the Saints were. Unfortunately, Mommy didn’t grow up Catholic and has no clue. I knew this one though… Saint Peter!

Just a glimpse of what it looks like to explore Europe with two toddlers.

So, one of the really cool things that we got to do at the cathedral was climb to the TOP! Remember when I mentioned it was 380 feet tall? Yup! All the girls climbed up on their own! It was narrow, spiral stair cases the whole entire way! (I should also add that they have the place to pay 3/4 of the way up… very clever!)

Ready, Set, Go!

The view from the top was more than worth the 4 Euro and crazy muscle spasms I had in my calves for the next hour! Another fun fact. A lot of Cathedrals are laid out in the shape of a cross. The tower we were in was the ‘base’ of the cross and what you are seeing here with the two smaller towers represent where Christ’s arms would be spread out.


Amazing views.

Down we go! I wasn’t kidding about the narrow spiral stair case. It got really interesting when you ran into someone trying to come up and squeeze their way past you.

Just couldn’t get enough of this view.

So our girls definitely dance to their own drum. They aren’t really into princesses or anything like that. They tend to gravitate towards Disney movies involving animals more than anything. One of their favorites though, oddly enough, is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. We really want to try and take them there before we go, but we instantly became the coolest parents ever on this trip to Freiburg because our adventure up the heights of the Cathedral tower also allowed us to see all the Cathedral bells! We were in the part of the church where Quadimodo lived! Well, I guess would have lived if we were in Paris.

These pictures really do not do these bells justice. They were huge!

This bell, for instance, is one of the smaller ones. It is about 3 feet in diameter and weighs almost 850 pounds!

If I remember correctly, this is the Hosanna Bell that I mentioned earlier that dates back to 1258. It weighs about 7250 pounds and is about 5 feet 3 inches in diameter.

This bell is Christus which is the largest of the bells. It is 7 feel in diameter and weighs about 15,115 pounds!

Bug and Christus!

Baby cheesin’ it up with Christus.

Having fun in the bell tower just like Quasimodo!

This is what transpires when you try and force a stubborn three year old to take a picture when she doesn’t want to.

Spiral staircases. I have no idea why they went out of style… ha ha

More views of this beautiful Cathedral on a beautiful day!

Our green eyed, freckle faced girl. Love her to pieces!

Surrounding the Cathedral there was a local market going on. Lots of yummy farm fresh produce and beautiful flowers! The girls even got some seriously cool hand-made marbles for their collection!

This is what transpired when I asked the girls to take a picture by the beautiful flowers for Grammy… you’re welcome Mom. haha

I think I shared almost all the pictures I took in this blog today, but if you want to see more of Freiburg, Germany you can view the entire album HERE.



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  1. I have missed your blogs so very glad to see them back. Such an experience. I never cease to be fascinated by how old buildings are – amazing.

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