Snow Day — Take TWO!


We had yet another super fun day in the snow today! Today was actually a lot more fun because there wasn’t icy cold snow being blasted into our faces by the wind. We had to take advantage of Mr. being off and get out and PLAY. Baby still hates it. The older girls had a blast though. After we played for a while, Mr. took the older girls to the hill by the store. For those who aren’t local, it is a great sledding hill. When the girls got home I asked them how it was and they said, “It was SO scary!” They loved it though. I loved hearing all the stories of all the crazy fun they had!

Bug standing on top of the mini-igloo she and Mr. built yesterday!

My little angel making her imprint in the snow!

Another beautiful snow angel!

She is just ready for spring to come so she can ride her new bike!

She is an ace at riding it by herself, but the hazardous ‘road’ conditions required a push now and then from her Daddy.

Princess and Bug with one of her favorite neighbor girls. 🙂 Princess’ room faces her house and in the summer time Princess will just sit at her window calling for her friend. So sweet.

Still no luck with the snow for this one.

She was okay with hitching a ride in the sled. There was no way she was going to walk in the snow. What are we, crazy?!

We went to the park for a bit which was an ice skating rink hidden beneath some snow. It sure was beautiful though!

Bug was having a blast making it snow on us by pushing the snow out of the fort!

I think it is safe to safe that we got a little snow. This was in the afternoon so the sun had already been beating on it for a few hours.

Lots of snow still stuck to the sides of things. So fun!

A few steps in the snow… it was pure torture!

Daddy’s little buddy. 🙂

Lots of snow!

Yup. Basically sums up her sentiment about the snow.

I imagine her thinking, “Please make it melt. Please make it melt. Please make it melt.” She is definitely a warm weather kind of girl.

My pretty girl loving the snow!

Even if Baby isn’t a fan, the rest of us are LOVING all this snow. 🙂


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