Our Christmas (and more)!


I hope that everyone had a great Christmas this year! I know that we sure did! We were very blessed to get to ‘celebrate’ with a lot of our extended family thanks to the great invention of Skype. We ate some yummy food and enjoyed spending time together as a family. This year the girls did get a couple of toys, but we mainly got them books and board games! Its been really nice to facilitate lots of family time together during this long weekend!

For those of you not on Facebook, here is our family on Christmas Eve!

The girls being silly!

They sure are getting big!

Baby decorating cookies for Santa– a Christmas Eve tradition!

The girls all decorating cookies. Princess wanted to give Santa some extra special germs. 😉

The girls in their matching Christmas Jammies on Christmas Eve!

I was letting the girls play with the extra cookie dough after we got done cutting out the shapes. I asked them not to eat any because it was almost dinner. Baby has some hidden in the palm of her hand and was just so innocently resting her face in her hand all the while sneaking nibbles of cookie dough!

New shirt!

The Littles were being so silly playing in our winter box in the closet!

Even Bug joined in eventually!

We got a new jogging stroller/bike trailer that we are all super excited about!

The girls having a blast at gymnastics!

Princess doing the balance beam. This was the first week her teacher lifted it up off the ground a little bit! She did so great!

The balance beam is Baby’s favorite station! 🙂



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