Brussels, Belgium Adventure!


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we really enjoy visiting Hard Rock Cafe’s while we travel and collecting the glasses! Sometimes we eat there, other times we don’t. Its just a fun thing to collect for us. Anyways, when planning our trip this past weekend I was looking for a good activity for Sunday evening since I knew we wouldn’t spend an enormous amount of time in Maastricht. Our girls can handle 2-3 hours at a market normally before the are ready to move on. They actually stuck it out for 4 hours in Maastricht! Anyways, it crossed my mind to check for a Hard Rock and the only one in Belgium is in Brussels. Mr. has always really wanted to visit so it seemed like a win-win. We figured the hour+ drive there would be a great amount of down time, too. It worked out well.

Minus finding parking. I think we ended up in the WORST designed parking garage of all time. It was a mad house trying to find a spot! We literally drove around for a half hour INSIDE the garage trying to get a spot. No joke. There were 8 levels under ground. We were stuck waiting on six for someone else ahead of us to pull into a spot and Mr. and I agreed that we would continue driving up one more time, but if we didn’t get a spot we were just heading back to our hotel in Voeren, Belgium. They had a nice restaurant and pizzeria there. As soon as we were able to move again someone in the PERFECT spot pulled out ahead of us and we got the spot! (And by perfect spot I mean we could back straight out onto the road versus having to pull into a tight spot and wiggle out long car out of it later.) Success!

Our smurfette had to have her picture with this surf statue!

Beautiful views in Brussels!

So, when we first arrived the weather was less than stellar. And by less than stellar I mean it was SUPER windy and the rain falling felt more like ice. So, even though it was a bit early for dinner we just headed into the Hard Rock Cafe. It ended up being a good move because they got really busy after we arrived and the wait time sky rocketed! Whew. Not to mention, we also got a really awesome window seat that gave us an amazing few of the unexpected light show out in the square below! I obviously had done NO research about Brussels before we went since it was mostly just for dinner. Well, apparently they do a light show and it is really fun! The market there, if we actually found it, was not really much of a market. But the light show was SUCH a cool experience that it made the trip to Brussels totally worth it! Not to mention that after dinner we happened to be outside RIGHT as it started again so we got to enjoy it all over again, but with the music! So fun!

The girls ready for the light show!

Its dark (because its night time) but it is Mr. and I enjoying the light show!

Simply a beautiful and magical evening!

Unfortunately, our magical evening in Belgium took a turn for the worst once we got back to our hotel. As I mentioned in my Maastricht post Baby had been sick on Friday night. With everyone being fine on Saturday we were sure it was from something silly like her eating play dough. No such luck. Sunday night at the hotel we all (except Baby) came down the the stomach bug! Yuck! We had plans to spend Monday in Leige, Belgium and seeing the Disney Ice Sculptures (the ice version of the sand ones we saw in Oostende) and the girls were so bummed to miss it. We ended up just having to drive straight home, though. It was a long drive. I won’t go into details. Just know we had to make a few stops. Thankfully we made it home, got some rest, and we all quickly started feeling better. And if there is a silver lining at least we got it all over with before Christmas!

To see more of our fun in Brussels you can view our entire album HERE.



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