Maastricht, Netherlands Christmas Market!


This past weekend we set out on one last, crazy Christmas adventure before the holiday this week. We were all really looking forward to getting away! However, the trip didn’t quite go as planned. Friday night Baby got sick. We were fairly certain it was just do to play dough consumption or something random so we opted to head out on Saturday as planned. Saturday we headed to Aachen, Germany for the market. We had planned to try out the park and ride system there rather than fight to find parking within the city itself. It took us a while to find the lot and when we finally did it turned out to be a parking lot with a regular bus stop nearby despite the website advertising a shuttle. Not to mention, there was no clear route down town. We asked for help and it was going to be a bit of work to find out way to the market via bus, not to mention finding out way back! We opted not to risk it. At this point we were just plain hungry. So we found a nearby McDonalds in Belgium that had an awesome play place and our kids totally didn’t even care! Whew!

Thankfully, our day on Saturday went much smoother. We headed to Maastricht, Netherlands. We’ve never been to the Netherlands before and so we were super excited to check another market off our list. We got there shortly before the market opened and even after ‘opening time’ it was pretty slow to open. One thing that was open, though, was ice skating! We have been wanting to take the girls all winter and it never had worked out so we were happy to see a fairly empty rink awaiting us!

Family picture with ‘Santa’ in Maastricht, Netherlands!

Poor pitiful kid… just had to watch.

SUPER excited to get out on the ice!

Our little Ice Princess.

Baby got to go for a ride for a couple laps, too.

Bug skating away!

Don’t be fooled, she was perfectly content sitting out for some iPod time.

Such sweet memories!

Bug just HAD to be the driver. What a surprise! haha

We FINALLY found some awesome knit hats for great prices. Princess decided to get Sulley from Monsters Inc.

Bug went with a Smurfette!

Enjoying some waffles and hot cocoa! I really loved that this market had so many enclosed huts where you could go in and enjoy a warm drink and a snack and be out of the cold and the crowds! So nice!

The girls ready to ride the Ferris Wheel! Also note that Baby FINALLY picked out a hat… she went with Boots the Monkey.

Bug girl and I ready for the big ride!

Daddy and his girls!

A view of Maastricht from the top of the wheel!

View of part of the market below!

Bug riding down the big slide!

Mr. and Princess flying down the slide!

Exploring the church a bit…

We had such a great time in Maastricht! Definitely one of our favorite markets. It wasn’t the biggest nor did it have the most variety, but there was just so much fun to be had. And, well, maybe it had something to do with being in a new country! 🙂

After spending about 4 or so hours in Maastricht we decided to make the drive to Brussels, Belgium. It took us a little over an hour but we didn’t want to miss out on visiting the Hard Rock Cafe there. We have started collecting the glasses as of late and it has been a fun tradition. Plus, it is almost always a great place to go with the kids (minus the one in Munich, that was horrible ha) since it is a noisier restaurant and the music drones out their winning. More on Brussels tomorrow! 🙂

To see more of our pictures from Maastricht, Netherlands you can view the entire album HERE.

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  2. Never tire of seeing you all traveling & having new experiences – like ice skating It is hard to believe but those girls just keep getting cuter!!!!!

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