Frankfurt Christmas Market!


While I love my girls to pieces, my first love is my husband for sure! 🙂 I enjoy our time together as a family so much, but sometimes it is really nice to just get away for a bit and enjoy a date! We opted to do the Frankfurt Christmas Market as a date night because we knew as a big-city market it would be rather crowded! Crowded is an understatement. ha It was SO much fun, though, and so beautiful!

Date night!

I got a super yummy OffenKartoffen (Baked Potato) for dinner. This may not seem super excited, but russet potatoes are few and far between here in Germany. I LOVE baked potatoes but I don’t know that I’ve had one in the two years we’ve lived here. While this wasn’t a russet, it was still very delicious!

I didn’t take many pictures. For one thing, it was crowded and taking pictures was just not very easy to do. Mostly, though, it was date night and I was just too busy enjoying my handsome man. 🙂

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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