Strasbourg, France Christmas Market!


For our last day of leave we decided to visit Strasbourg, France! This was all from the genius brain of my sweet husband. I hadn’t even considered visiting any Christmas Markets outside of Germany. (Granted, there are SO many I want to see in Germany.) He had heard from a coworker that Strasbourg was a happening place so we decided why not see for ourselves? It is actually only a two hour drive from us. How crazy is that to say? Yeah we can get to France in about two hours. So cool. Anyways, we absolutely fell in LOVE with Strasbourg. The Christmas Market was, well, a Christmas Market but the city itself was outstanding!

There were actually about 10 different little market locations through out the main part of town. I think we saw about 6 of them. Unfortunately the Children’s Market wasn’t open until the following day. We enjoyed the Belgian market and got some chocolate, of course. We will be going to an actual Belgian market later in the month, too. We also enjoyed some Macarons! Yum! Overall, I am mostly thankful that Bug’s stomach flu held out until after we got home that evening! She had mentioned not feeling well and being car sick. She NEVER gets car sick and it had been on a movie we watched recently so I kind of figured she was being a stinker. And of course later that night when the stomach flu did kick in I felt horrible for how icky she must have felt all day as we dragged her around France. Parenting win, for sure. 😉

Heading into France!

Strasbourg is an OLD city and a beautiful city. There are mentions of Strasbourg as an established city as early as 12 BC. Crazyness. Also, the Christmas Market in Strasbourg is considered the oldest in France dating back to 1570!

The Notre Dame Cathedral of Strasbourg.

Inside the Notre Dame Cathedral of Strasbourg!

The stain glass in this cathedral was breath taking.

There were also a lot of beautiful tapestries.

Mr. and the girls inside the cathedral.

Part of the Christmas Market around the Cathedral.

The girls were super excited about the giant gingerbread man. 🙂

Enjoying some hot cocoa and pretzels!

My guy and our girls. 🙂

Baby chasing pigeons around the Schlossplatz.

Walking along the Ill River.

My girls along the Ill River in Strasbourg, France. 🙂

Another good one. 🙂

So beautiful.

So much of this city was decorated. It was so much fun!

If you’d like to see more from our time in Strasbourg you can view the entire album HERE.

Unfortunately the rest of our weekend plans had to be cancelled. Baby ended up coming down with the stomach bug, too, and we are now watching Princess of so closely. Hopefully we can be back at some more Christmas Markets next weekend, though!

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