Oberursel Christmas Market!


Oh what a weekend! We thought for sure we would be home again all day on Sunday due to the stomach bug we seemed to pick up. Thankfully Princess started in around bed time on Saturday night, though, so by Sunday morning we were all feeling back to normal and felt up to getting out in the afternoon for a few hours! I was so excited. Oberursel may be my favorite Christmas market we’ve visited thus far. Maybe a tie with Wiesbaden. But really, Oberursel is just SO fun. I prefer the smaller towns because even during busy times they aren’t too crowded. Plus they tend to have vendors with unique, hand made things vs. some of the bigger markets that seem to have identical booths with identical items. Not to mention that Oberursel has a medieval section! We seriously had to come back just for the pork sandwiches in this section alone. (Sorry Germany friends, this market only runs one weekend a year and is over for 2014 but definitely watch for it next year!) Maybe the best part about this market, though, is that our super awesome friends, The Johnsons, live in Oberursel and we have so much fun with them every time we go! It is such a treat to see them!

The pork sandwiches were our very first stop. We didn’t eat all morning just to save up room. I could’ve eaten a million of them. They roast up a whole pig and cut off chunks and put it on brotchen. So simple, but seriously quite possible the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

The girls hanging out & helping us eat our pork sandwiches! (Bug HAD to bring her sword that we bought in Wiesbaden to show her buddy Will.)

“Mama take picture me!” 🙂 How could I resist?! She’s adorable!

Kinderpunsch! Yum! This particular variety was actually more like apple cider!

In the medieval section in the markt platz. So many people in traditional garb…. even a guy walking around barefoot which takes some real dedication when the temps are only in the 30’s!

We may come to Oberursel for the food. In addition to the outstanding pork sandwiches we also come for the raclette! YUM!

Bug got a shield to go with her sword! She is all set for battle now! 😉

One of the things they just HAD to do again was the hand-cranked wooden ferris wheel! Princess was old enough to ride this year and was so excited!

Poor Baby and Caroline were too little. 🙂

View of the hand-cranked wooden ferris wheel! So much fun!

Bug & Will! Such great buds!Lily was literally in tears when we thought we were going to miss the market due to the stomach bug. She loves Will SO much.

We don’t normally get a family photo at Christmas Markets so I was happy to get this one. 🙂 Merry Christmas from the Hays Family in Oberursel!

The kiddos riding the train!

All aboard!

The half timbered houses in Oberursel are so beautiful!

And that closes our our crazy, busy, super fun week of Christmas Markets! We saw SIX our first week! So much fun! If you want to catch up on all the fun you can do that here:
Bonn, Germany
Rudesheim, Germany
Trier, Germany
Wiesbaden Germany
Strasbourg, France
(and Oberursel Germany.)
We had so much fun! I am a little sad we have to go back to work and school because this past week has been such a blast! We still have a few Christmas Markets we are planning to see on upcoming weekends. And I am sure we will go back down to Wiesbaden a time or two more, too. I can’t wait to share in all that fun! 🙂

If you’d like to see more from Oberursel you can see the entire album HERE.


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