Trier Christmas Market


Mr. is on vacation this week which is just oh, so lovely. We originally had planned a bigger trip, but ended up decided to stay home and enjoy starting off the Christmas season. While having Thanksgiving week off is nice (since Bug misses minimal school) I think if we did a Christmas Market vacation again we’d do it a week or two later when more are open. Live and learn, right? Anyways, it has definitely be well worth it so far. Things are just less crowded during the day which makes it much more manageable with having the kiddos and stroller with us.

Trier just happens to be one of our favorite cities so we knew we wanted to go back for the market. We haven’t been in about a year and a half. You can catch up on that HERE. It is an old city with lots of history. Its claim to fame is being the oldest city in Germany originating around 17 BC. One of our favorite things about Trier is all the Roman artifacts (fun fact, there is also a lot of it in Koln too!).

This is the Porta Nigra which is an old Roman gate dating back to about 200 AD. Its the largest one still around north of the Alps.

Bug at the Porta Nigra.

There is also old Roman baths and an old gladiator stadium in Trier. We visited the stadium last time which was super cool. We did walk by the baths and had planned to visit this time, but it just didn’t end up happening. OH well!

Inside the main square in Trier.

Of course the main reason for our trek back to Trier this time was for the Christmas Market! It was a lot of fun!

The Christmas pyramid atop the Kathe Wohlfarht store. I’m getting a bit better at just looking in this store. Its hard to leave with out something, though. 🙂

The girls enjoying some Kinder Punsch! This is one of their favorite things about the markets!

Fa la la la la!

The girls were super excited about there being a carousel to ride!

Bug fighting the gladiator. 🙂

Waiting for her big sisters who had to go potty AGAIN. I swear we spend more money on bathrooms and parking than we do anything else. 😉

Getting antsy and entertaining all the Germans as she comically traveled around this way.

And eventually she just gave up and slept. 🙂

Now, this wouldn’t be a post about Trier if I didn’t include Dom Zu Trier! So we totally are not Catholic, but we are totally cathedral junkies. We seriously plan trips around them sometimes. They are just so beautiful and especially in Europe full of so much history. We’ve been to Rome and traveled to many cathedrals, but I think Dom Zu Trier is hands down my favorite. Maybe because it was my first. But there is just something so special about this cathedral.

Baby calls it ‘the castle.’ We tried to teach her to say Dom Zu Trie and it came out as dumb tree. haha

It DOES kind of look like a castle, though.

Dom Zu Trier was built in the 1200’s and is the oldest cathedral in Germany! Another thing that makes it special is that it is a big pilgrimage location. They claim to have the Seamless Robe of Jesus or Heilig-Rock-Relique. This is the (as the name describes) the seamless robe that Jesus was wearing during or right before his crucifixion. It is only open for viewing once in a great moon and unfortunately it was available right before we moved here so we will never get to actually see it ourselves. HOwever, we got pretty close.

A description on the wall and a small picture of what it looks like.

The entry way to where the robe is kept.

Straight inside these doors is a large box that encases the robe. You can’t see it, but hey, you are only about 20 feet away which is still pretty cool.

Now for my photo dump of the inside of Dom Zu Trier. 🙂

The pipe organ. Beautiful.

The dome in the back of the cathedral near the entrance.

A view of the cathedral back to front.

The entry to one of the prayer chapels.

A view of the front of the cathedral.

This is the entry way I shared before to where the seamless robe is kept.

A view from the front of the Cathedral towards the back. As you can see it was rather empty this day which was very nice. The first time we visited it was rather crowded so I enjoyed kind of having it to ourselves. It was a really special experience.

So beautiful.

You can view more from inside Dom Zu Trier HERE.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is already tomorrow? I feel like November has just flown by this year! Today we are having a more relaxing day at home, but I am really looking forward to a great meal and another great Christmas Market tomorrow with friends! We haven’t been able to have Thanksgiving with our family in years, but I am really thankful that we have been blessed with such great friends to enjoy the holiday with year in and year out. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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