Bonn, Germany Christmas Market


Tis the season for CHRISTMAS. I am so excited. I just love Christmas. As I type we are watching ‘Elf’ as a family and relaxing after a super fun day enjoying our first Christmas Market of the season! This next week Mr. has taken some vacation and I cannot wait to go on many more Christmas adventures this next week and through out the month of December!

Bug all bundled up and ready to go!

Giant Christmas pyramid in the middle of the market.

Enjoying our first Christmas Market of the season in Bonn! First stop, Gluhwein (and Kinder Punsch for the kids naturally!).

These singing reindeer were a huge hit. 🙂

The girls LOVED their first Kinder Punsch! They kept asking for more and more. 🙂

There was a HUGE storefront at the Galleria with stuffed animals in motion. The girls LOVED it.

Sweet, cuddly Christmas baby. 🙂

Baby birds begging for a bite of crepe!

Little girls on their ride of the day. 🙂

Statue of Beethoven. Did you know he was born in Bonn? He was.

Kase Brezels for lunch!

Yum Yum!

Bug and Mr. riding the ferris wheel!

My big girl and I enjoying the Christmas fun!

The Bonn Minister.

Inside. So beautiful!

On our way out we stopped by Beethoven’s birth place! So neat!

What a fun way to kick off our stay cation! 🙂 To see more of our fun in Bonn, Germany you can view the entire album HERE.

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