Princess Turns 3! (And Our Weekend Fun!)


We had such a fun time celebrating Princess’ birthday! This weekend in general has just been a lot of fun! We started out the fun on Friday since Bug didn’t have school due to parent-teacher conferences! (By the way, Bug is doing really great in school!) Our friends came over to play for the day which was so much fun. I love visiting with Keila and the kids play so well together.

This is all six of our kids on the very first play date we ever had about 1.5 years ago when Keila and I first met!

And here they are all again (minus Baby… she had to take a nap) just this past Friday! Amazing how much they have grown, huh?

I love when birthdays fall over the weekend because then we can really spend all day long celebrating our special family member! Princess started off her day by picking scones for breakfast!

Princess was seriously THRILLED that it was her birthday!

Bug was happy to celebrate Princess turning 3!

And Baby too! 🙂

Princess got another early morning surprise on her birthday… a dog! Now before you get too excited we did NOT buy her a dog for the weekend. Our sweet friends were willing to let us watch their pup this weekend while they are traveling! Princess did not leave Cora’s (the dog) side ALL day.

Getting ready to take Cora out for a walk!

The girls made Cora a special bed (including a pillow of course!) and just had to keep her company despite Cora being pretty worn out.

We have been needing to do some outdoor work around our house. We get A LOT of leaves and the weather just has been wet and not great for cleaning up leaves. So, since we got a little sun break yesterday we decided to get out and rake and sweep away. It also gave us a chance to let Cora be outside a little extra. 🙂 And, as a treat for helping us clean up, Andy made a big pile of leaves for the girls to jump in! Best. Day. Ever.

The birthday girl making silly faces!

The pile of leave. This was after Mr. slaved away raking for a good 20 minutes…. and only had done about 1/4 of our yard. haha

Bug getting tossed into the pile!

And in goes Baby!

And yes, I realize that Baby is missing a coat and shoes despite it being FREEZING cold and the other girls being in snow jackets. Do you see her father behind her? No shoes or coat either. Like father-like daughter!

Birthday girl Princess getting her turn!

Can I just say… who minds doing yard work when this is your view?! This is why Autumn is my favorite season.

And that was just the start of the fun! 🙂 We had pizza for dinner since it is Princess’ favorite! And then it was time to open up her presents. Baby had kind of started opening them earlier in the day and so I had to make shift re-wrap them in the torn wrapping paper. AND I ran out of scotch tape so I had to use masking. SO, all this to say, just don’t judge the wrapping job. 😉

Her sisters were very eager to see what she got. I guess I should be thankful they all share pretty well, huh? 🙂

New Frozen toys from Grandma Judi!

Daniel Tiger and Princess Sophia toys from Grandma Judi, too!

Probably my favorite picture from the day. I think she was a little bit excited to get an Elsa barbie from Grammy & Papa!

And an Ana doll from Bug!

And an Elsa doll from Mom & Dad. I bet you would never guess what her favorite movie is right now? 🙂

Playing with all her new toys. She also got a new Barbie from us and one from Auntie Abby!

Eagerly awaiting her cake!

Singing Happy Birthday to our sweet three year old!

Blowing out her candle! Happy Birthday Princess!

Even though Mr. is back to work, I am thankful we DO get an extra day off this week (on Tuesday) AND we only have a couple more weeks before we start our vacation! I love having extra time off together as a family! It is SO much fun.


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  1. How special to get to share Lauren’s birthday. She is getting so big so soon! Also the pictures of Andy & Lindsey reminded me of the pictures I would receive from your mom of your dad & Jordan out in the snow in shorts & t-shirts!

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