Halloween Fun!


We had such a fun Halloween! Bug actually had the day off from school (it was a teacher work day) and so that made it a little extra special. We started off our morning slow and simply just enjoying not having to be rushing out the door super early in the morning for school. Then, I let the girls wear their Halloween costumes all day! I figured we might as well get our money’s worth, right? That and it gave us plenty of time for adorable pictures!

Miss Princess as an extra adorable Queen Elsa!

Bug as Violet — The Incredible! She got A LOT of compliments on her costume! At one post a soldier who was a bit away yelled, “Look! Its an Incredible!” just like they do for the super heroes in the movie. Oh my word. It made her day!

Another shot of the whole thing. I am thinking we should’ve all been Incredibles. Maybe next year?!

Baby dressed up as ‘Bones’ our little skeleton! She wasn’t really interested in wearing a costume, but she totally was all for her bones jammies! Win-win!

And a full view of Baby and all her cuteness. Seriously. Cutest skeleton EVER.

Our very own Queen Elsa again. I totally didn’t tell her how to pose. She just did it on her own. I think she’s been watching her Auntie Abby. 🙂

This one was just too funny not to share. I imagine this is Olaf trying on Elsa’s dress. 😉

She HAD to make sure I got a picture of her Elsa hair… Elsa braid with a snowflake clip. Perfection. 🙂

All three of my cuties dressed up. Can I just say how amazing it is to be to a place in life where they all look and smile for a picture?! This may be one of the BEST pictures I have of all three of them together. 🙂

Another great one of my girls all dressed up for Halloween fun! 🙂

If you have been following the saga of Baby’s ear infection you know that I wasn’t able to get her checked out at the German doctor on Thursday to make sure her ear was healing because I’d been waiting over an hour and still hadn’t been seen. So thankfully I was able to get an appointment at the American clinic on Halloween. So we trekked in there in our fun costumes. The girls totally hated the attention. 😉 We got Baby’s ears checked out and they are still infected. Poor kid! Apparently the left ear isn’t so bad (which was the case before) but he said the right ear still looks very infected even after a few days of antibiotics! It must have been a real doozie of an ear infection! Hopefully finishing up the antibiotics will do the trick, though! I will say, though, I don’t feel so bad about still giving her ibuprofen too because apparently she really still needs it! Not fun! She is such a trooper though!

After finishing our appointment it was conveniently about lunch time and since Daddy just happens to work at the clinic, too, it worked out perfectly that we got to enjoy a lunch out as a family! Such a special treat!!

Then came the real fun…. we got to go trick or treating with our friends the Johnsons AGAIN this year. Lily and Will are two super awesome buds and they could not wait to run around and collect candy together again. And I must say, it is so nice to have a piece of home so to speak with us on the holidays!

Bug & Will in a nutshell!

The Hays Family ready for some trick or treat fun. Yup! Mr. and I joined in on the dressing up fun this year. We were supposed to be Batman and Batgirl, but i accidentally got him Robin instead of Batman. He was less than thrilled. I think he makes a rather handsome side kick, though. 😉

We stopped at the park for a bit of pre-candy fun. That is Princess all the way at the top of the tower. She managed to climb up there all by herself (which she’s never done before) while wearing her Elsa dress!

Bug and Will taking off to have some pre-candy fun at the ‘cool’ park!

The girls thought this huge cat decoration was pretty neat!

Princess actually kept up with Bugand Will for most of the night! She was having a BLAST.

Baby got in on the fun, too. Although she opted to ride in the stroller from house to house. I don’t blame her. I would too if I had a double ear infection! I can only imagine how we will keep track of them all next year when I am sure they will all three being running from house to house like crazy!

Bug & Will. I am 99% sure they are comparing who has more candy. haha 🙂

One happy & excited super hero!

Baby and her lollypop!

So much fun!

We came across a few friends on our trick or treating journey. This is Bug and one of her buddies, Ryan! 🙂

What a fun day/evening! It is so fun to see how much the girls change from year to year. I am already excited for next Halloween!

If you’d like to view the entire album of our Halloween fun you can do that HERE.

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