Baby Turns TWO!


Our sweet Baby girl is TWO YEARS OLD now. Unbelievable. It seriously has flown by. Now, for the next few weeks any way, we have two two year olds! Its quite the adventure!

I have been trying for literally a week to post about Baby’s big day. Unfortunately the photo site that I use just was not wanting to let me upload. That or it was our internet. Its not quite the same as in the states. We actually are limited and if we start getting on the higher end usage wise it slows WAY down. It creates for some frustrating days. Takes me back to the good old days of dial up. 😉

Anyways! We had so much fun celebrating Baby! Mr. was actually on leave and so we really got to have some fun! We ended up celebrating Baby’s birthday as a family an evening early because the Chapel Bible Studies were starting up the same night as her birthday. THEN I ended up getting sick on her birthday and so we didn’t end up going anywhere! Oh well! We still have fun!

Our two two year olds!

Getting ready to enjoy her birthday dinner– Tacos! This girl is clearly a Hays. She rarely touches her dinner unless its tacos. Then she eats nearly as much as Mr.!

The loot. 🙂 So thankful that our family far away sent her some goodies!

Ponies from Grammy and Papa!

Big sisters were anxiously waiting to see what she got! I think they might have been more excited than she was!

Yes, go right ahead and shine your flash light in your eye. ha!

Her very own phone from Great Grandma Judi! This was definitely a favorite!

She was too busy texting to blow our her birthday candle.

Baby with her new camera! Just like her Auntie! This was on her actual birthday. We had to make a run to the store for batteries!

Our sweet birthday girl!

On the day of her birthday we had a little impromptu party for her. We met with some friends at the Entertainment Center on post for lunch and cupcakes! It was a lot of fun! 🙂 I feel SO blessed that we have so many sweet friends here who are willing to take some time out of their day to celebrate our birthday girl with us!

It was a little chaotic during lunch time so I didn’t get a shot with all our friends, but here is one of Baby waiting on lunch and desperately wanting to start with cupcakes first! 🙂

Here is to a great year of being two!

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