Appel Happel Adventure!


Now that Bug is off to school the little girls and I have been trying to get involved in some fun stuff to keep our minds off missing our Bug girl. Okay, I’ll admit Princess kept asking the first day where Bug was but has since realized it means she has full access to Bug’s toys during the day and doesn’t seem to miss Bug quite as much anymore. 🙂 Anyways! I am really excited with some of the fun activities we’ve been able to join up with this year. One of those includes a super fun play group and we had our first event yesterday at a place called Appel Happel! The girls and I had so much fun! Princess was especially excited to have so many friends. She is starting to get to that age where she care about friendships and its adorable. Yesterday at dinner we were talking about our friend who lives next door and playing with her. When Bug was saying something about it Princess mentioned, “NO! Amelia is MY friend.” Too cute!

Ready for some apple picking!

Mommy’s little helper! She likes the fact that she gets to be the big sister while Bug is at school!

Picking yummy apples! They purposefully keep the trees on this part of their orchard small so that kids can pick their own apples!

So much fun!

This view is a little slice of heaven to my Washingtonian heart. 🙂

Even Baby joined in on the apple picking fun!

She mostly liked the taste testing part. 🙂 She is an apple love just like her mama. And we don’t take this lightly. We’ll literally die with out our apple a day. 😉

Enjoying some apples and fresh apple juice!

Pumpkins. I love fall. It is most definitely my favorite season!

Listening to a story about a magical apple that grants wishes!

You had to give the magical apple a hug and whisper your wish to it!

Princess decided she didn’t want to hug a giant apple.

Then we got to collect some of the apples from the ground for the next part of our class on apple juice!

Learning about how the apple juice is made!

Fresh apple juice! Doesn’t get any better than that!

Filling up her cup with the freshly squeezed apple juice! Doesn’t get any fresher than this!

Two peas in a pod slurping down as much apple juice as they could get their little hands on! So fun!

We had such a blast at Appel Happel! We came home with enough apples to last us weeks, two bottles of fresh apple juice, and a bottle of their homemade apfel wein! (My favorite! Yum!) It was the best first field trip of the year!

If you’d like to see more pictures from our adventure you can view the entire album on our photo share site HERE.

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