Bug’s Kindergarten Adventure…


Today was a BIG day in our household. A day that has been greatly anticipated for such a long, long time. I get it. I grew up right next to an elementary school, too. I can remember being too young for Kindergarten and just thinking that I would never be old enough to go to school. I was so excited for that first day. Now, we live even closer to the elementary school than I did as a kid and I’ve had the privilege of watching my own little girl desperately want to go to school. At one point when we first moved in she actually managed to get out our front door. Thankfully our building door stopped her. When I asked why she left her answer was simple: “I just wanted to go to school!” Finally today her dream came true. She was a little more nervous than I thought she would be. In fact yesterday she told me she didn’t want to go and wanted to stay home with me. Being a Mom is tough sometimes. I know school is the best thing for Bug and I know that when I pick her up today she’ll have a huge smile on her face. It is still hard to not cave in and let her stay my baby forever, though.

Our big Kindergartener posing in her new outfit. She picked it out herself. 🙂

Starting her morning out right. Skyping with Uncle & Tara and eating a hearty breakfast!

So thankful that Daddy had the morning off to help take her to her first day of school today!

Kindergarten here we come!

Posing with her sisters. They sure missed her today! Princess asked a million times if it was time to pick up Bug yet. 🙂

Me & my Kindergartener!

Lets get this show on the road!

If life had a sound track Kenny Chesney’s “There Goes My Life” would have been playing at this moment….

A little nervous waiting in her line!

Finally got a little smile out of her!

Getting ready to head inside!

And she’s off!

Telling her teacher that she brought her lunch with her today…

And there she goes! Off to Kindergarten!




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  1. That is so precious!!! I can remember your Dad’s first day and how eager he was – just like Lily. I think there are always 2nd thoughts but in the end they love the idea of going to school. Must really seem strange around the house but as you said, it will be nice to have more time to spend with just the 2 younger girls. Such a special day.

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