Oostende, Belgium!


First order of business has to be a few updates on the adventure of life lately. Bug starts school on TUESDAY. As in tomorrow is monday and then she starts school. Insanity. A lot of people have asked about being sad or having a hard time with it. Honest to goodness I am thrilled. I am sure that sounds horrible, but I know she is going to love kindergarten. I love her school, I love her teacher, and I just cannot wait for her to go off and be independent. And, to be completely honest, I am really excited to get to focus on the littles a bit more. They are at such a different place in life than she is and it will be so fun to get involved in things more geared to their age group! This coming week we have a field trip to pick apples and I cannot wait! 🙂

Another fun aspect of our newly-busy lives is that we have the girls signed up for some sports! Bug is for sure doing soccer and she is on the wait list (at spot #1) for ballet so hopefully that will work out. Both Princess and Baby are doing gymnastics although Baby’s is more of a mommy-and-me type thing. Still incredibly fun. We are to the point in life where we actually need a second car to make life d0-able. We’ve always been a one-car family, but we’re looking to purchase another this week. Its an really old one and we’ll probably donate when its time to leave (its cheap), but hopefully it will work.

AND in the most exciting news… Baby started potty training today! I will never have to buy diapers again!!!! For reals. Best feeling EVER! She is doing really great so far. She is seriously SO excited to be like her sisters and get to wear panties and go in the potty. She is young, but all our girls trained young. I’ve never been one to push them. I just let them when they are ready. She is definitely ready. I think when your child comes and says, “I need a diaper change…” they are ready. 🙂

Anyways! This past weekend we took our last vacation of the summer. It was a really great note to end on! We traveled to the city of Oostende, Belgium. I was originally drawn to this city because they are currently hosting Disney Sand Magic and it looked like something the girls would really enjoy. You know how sometimes marketing does a really, really good job making something look way cooler than it actually is? Well this was the opposite of that. It looked pretty cool online, but it was way cooler in person.

Getting ready to head inside!

The girls and the Beauty and the Beast sculpture.

She was SO excited for Elsa!! (She is going to BE Elsa for Halloween this year!) Also adorable was all the little girl shrieks in many languages when coming up to Elsa. She was a popular one!

Bug copying her Auntie Abby’s ‘princess pose’ in front of the giant sand castle!

Attempting to get all the girls with a picture of the castle obviously was very successful.

Hi! I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs!

The littles with ‘Punzel. 🙂 Another BIG favorite in the Hays’ Household.

So Mr. and I were cracking up because A LOT of the princesses were busty (and pudgier) than their movie versions. I made a comment to this one that Jasmine was ‘with child’ and my sweet, sweet husband goes, “Naw, thats just the Kim Kardashian version.” HA!

We are also big Lion King fans. Obviously. Hyenas, duh. Little disappointed to see them left out. 😉

That is just a few snap shots from Disney Sand Magic. I kid you not, I took over 100 pictures there. SO if you want to see more of the fun (and you totally do!) just swing on over to our photo share site and view the entire album HERE.

Another perk of the Disney Sand Magic was that it included a bounce house and trampolines!

We totally found out what all the fuss was about. Belgian Waffles for dinner. Best. Waffles. Ever.

After our nutritious dinner of waffles we headed down to the beach to burn off a little energy! We LOVE the beach!

Beautiful girl with a beautiful beach!

Seriously. She’s adorable. Watch out Kindergarten!

Beautiful evening on the beach. I love Oostende!

This sweet girl wanted EVERY sea shell. 🙂

She was not a fan of walking on the sand. She quickly got over it when she remembered how FUN the beach is.

One, two, three.

And I got a little artsy.

This was real life.

Me & the Mister. 🙂

That was our first day in Belgium! We rented an apartment for the weekend (so nice!) that was literally a two block walk from the beach. Amazing. Another perk was that the main market square was literally right outside our door step so we got to get some yummy food there on our second day. Before I start, though, if you want to see more pictures from our first day you can view that entire album HERE.

Okay, so day two. It was so rainy. Such a bummer. We knew that it was probably going to be poor weather before we left, though, so we had kind of planned for it. And, well, we’re from the great Pacific Northwest so a little rain never stops us. Or a lot of rain. It was actually a lot of rain. And wind. And sand. Just a mess. BUT we had a lot of fun!

Our first order of business was buying Bug her very first kite! BEST 10 euro I ever spent. That girl was in hog heaven and I might have been a tad giddy watching her enjoy flying a kite so much!

And I got to teach this sweet girl how to make sand castles!

Super happy girl flying her kite! (Notice her attire. We were at the beach in sweatshirts, rain shells, and rain boots.)

Makes my Mama heart happy!

Doesn’t that sky scream beautiful day at the beach?? haha Someday when our kids are grown they will sit around and talk about how cool their parents were for taking them to the beach in the pouring rain, right?

Baby wanted a turn flying the kite. Unfortunately she thought you were supposed to throw it like a ball. haha Andy was able to save the kite, though, thank goodness!

Bug giving it another go.

We learned from her first attempt and Daddy gave her a little help the second time. 🙂

My studly husband. He told me he wanted to see how high it would go. Next thing I knew he’d almost taken out an old lady on the board walk!

Digging for buried treasure. We didn’t find any, but we did find some great seashells!

Walking out on the board walk.

Another view from the board walk! We nearly died on our way back. The wind picked up and a huge sand storm started up. It was seriously painful.

If you want to see more from our second day in Oostende, Belgium you can view that entire album HERE.

We had such a lovely time in Oostende. It was a perfect ending to an absolutely perfect summer! And here is to a great start to an equally exciting fall!

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